Modular wardrobes are either made of plywood or MDF board. Many home owners get confused as to what material wardrobe to buy, Plywood made or MDF made. We went on to study the difference between the two in detail. This is what we found…


There’s not much of a difference as far as appearance is concerned between Plywood made and MDF made wardrobe. Both are engineered wood. The surface of each are smooth that prove to be great substrate to veneers.

Durability and Maintenance

Both the wardrobes are quite durable if maintained properly. We have clients who have been using each of these product for over 12-15 years with no complains till date. But if the making is not taken care of and also for hardware fittings, the wardrobe may not prove to be that durable. With MDF wardrobes,home owners need to avoid water contact since MDF soaks up water and other liquids too like a sponge and expand.

Wardrobe Interiors

For interior of wardrobes, what matters the most is the thickness of shelves used. The thickness of shelves will vary with material used. This is because and 18mm MDF is not as strong as 18mm plywood. The strength of 18mm ply is equal to 25mm thick MDF board. Therefore the thickness of board used to construct wardrobe too will vary with material used.

Such technical and construction details are not shared by all dealers to their clients and therefore home owners fail to differentiate between the two and choose an appropriate material wardrobe.

MDF is cheaper than plywood, therefore the cost of wardrobes made from MDF turns out to be 30%-35% cheaper than plywood made wardrobe.