Tricks that help you Decide on your Flooring Material

Why deciding on Flooring Material type is so essential? Flooring is extremely important part to interior Designing be it for residential areas or commercial areas. Flooring adds personality to your space. Flooring is one aspect that undergoes daily wear and tear. It therefore needs to be functional too. Also, flooring shall be beneficial and

21. Brain Tricks in Interior Designing

This is Video 21 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Quick Tips to make your Small spaces appear Bigger -Paint your Walls & Flooring in light and bright shades. Light n bright colors reflects space. It thetefore makes small rooms appear bigger.Try using flooring and adjacent items ( the lower

17. Open Kitchen Design & Privacy

This is Video 17 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Open Kitchen but not really OpenTo distinguish between open and closed kitchen type, closed kitchens are more functional while open kitchens beautify you space. But how to make kitchen space functional as well as beutiful at the same time??Put up

16. Open Kitchen Design for Indian Homes

This is Video 16 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Open Kitchen it isOpen kitchen is too much in trend especially in India- modern trendy houses which has been a popular trend in abroad countries. Here the wall that separates living room n kitchen otherwise is bought down allowing the

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