Tricks that help you Decide on your Flooring Material

Why deciding on Flooring Material type is so essential? Flooring is extremely important part to interior Designing be it for residential areas or commercial areas. Flooring adds personality to your space. Flooring is one aspect that undergoes daily wear and tear. It therefore needs to be functional too. Also, flooring shall be beneficial and

Friendly Floorings for Kids Room

In conversation with experienced Interior Designers at When you choosing flooring for kids, most importantly see to it that they are antiskid or anti-slip material. Firstly I would like to ask why it is important to have Kids friendly flooring for Kids room? Designer - Safety is first and last concern about every

33. Avoid Dark Colour on False Ceiling

This is Video 33 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Most Home owners do not understand what impact a false ceiling design will have on a room. Modern design revolves around usage of straight lines, white colors and spacious looks. You will never find a darker color on ceiling.

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