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When you choosing flooring for kids, most importantly see to it that they are antiskid or anti-slip material.

Firstly I would like to ask why it is important to have Kids friendly flooring for Kids room?

Designer – Safety is first and last concern about every kids that parents are worried about. Parents cannot be there 24×7. So it’s important to choose a floor that can decrease accidents or being hurt and allergies too. Also kid’s room is the room that undergoes maximum wear-and-tear and spills due to kids playing, painting and other activities.

What are different types of flooring options home owners can have for their kid’s room?

Designer – Before you choose flooring see to it that the flooring is comfortable for kids to play on, walk, on, easy to clean and most essentially allergy proof. Different attractive flooring that you can have for your dear kids are
• Wooden flooring
• Carpets
• Vinyl’s
• Wooden like Tiles Flooring


You also have Tiles used for flooring which is usually avoided for kids room as the kids may hurt themselves if they fall over it.

But, contradicting to this find out what other Designer has to say…

Designer 2 – Well all such flooring variation is usually found in countries other than India. Indian culture is quite different and weather too. There are some flooring that do not suite Indian weather and so cannot be used. Also Indian home owners want to bring up their kids growing ruff-n-tuff. You therefore will find similar flooring or tile flooring used in other rooms of the apartment. In modern homes you will find vitrifies tiles used for floorings.

Cons of having other Flooring Variations
Infact for floorings like wooden flooring, carpets and vinyl’s, home owners need to take extra care and concern. Like for wooden flooring home owners need to immediately wipe off the flooring if by chance the kid spills water or any other liquid on floor. If not done immediately, the flooring may damage or stain which is difficult to replace. Well it can be replaced but then imagine you going through the process of removing and replacing new tile or piece for just liquid spill that too just once. Also home owners need to take care that kids is not having any sharp object or hard object that can cause scratch or dent. Wooden flooring can easily develop scratches or dents.

CB-Kid-painting-on -Wooden-flooring

With Vinyl flooring too you need to take similar care and concern.


Carpets no doubt are the safest and most comfortable to walk on for kid’s room. But in case of liquid spill home owners will either have to wipe off immediately or will have to send in entire carpet for washing or cleaning. Such care needs to be taken while the kid is panting or drawing while seated on flooring and also while eating. Another disadvantage is that carpets catch lot of dirt and dust very easily which can lead to infections and allergies at time.


What is the best flooring option for kid’s room then?

Well you have tiles that come with wooden surface called and Wood like tiles. Here the base is tiles only the surface is made of artificial wood. Such tiles will give you similar rich look of natural wood, but isn’t natural wood. Home owners need not have to worry much as like natural wood flooring or carpets. Also these wood like tiles do not warp neither rot and are extremely easy on maintenance. They add to room’s beauty and charm as like natural wood.


How about flooring options for toddler room?

Well for toddler’s room you could have tiles for flooring that could be covered by A-Z alphabet carpet. These carpets are made of soft foam or rubber like material which are safe for toddlers while crawling too. These carpets are available in puzzle style too where toddlers can be engaged in joining them or playing with each latter. These Mats are easily available online, they are referred as – Baby crawling Play Mat or Kids rug Gym Soft Floor Game Carpet, A-Z Puzzle Carpet.


Do you have variations like wall covering and paints in Kids friendly Flooring? This is with regards to color options, patterns and images.

Yes, you do. Infact you have more than thousands of different patterns and shade options available in tiles. Infact tiles is only such product where you will find huge variations. Let’s talk about Kajaria tiles. You will find more than 8,000 variation or options in Kajaria tiles.
What are tiles? Tiles are artificially made products. So you can have tiles manufactured in any color or pattern. You also have tiles made in different surface appearance too. As I said before you have wood like tiles and many such similar tile options.

You have theme based decoration done on wall, curtains, beds, everywhere. Can you have theme based Flooring too? What are different options?

Oh well yes. Not many are aware of this, but you do have flooring done as per theme. There are 1 meter x1 meter tiles available on which printing can be done of your choice of image. Having such types of flooring tiles mind you is a permanent thing. So carefully decide what pattern or image flooring tile you want, if any. Most importantly, do not overdo it.

Like we had done a leaf pattern tile for a client where the size was small and quantity of leaf pattern in each tile was kept minimal. But if you getting a cartoon character or superhero printed on wall tile, remember that tile is going to stay for many years to come. Do you really want to see that picture for so long in your room? Then why force kids to view it day and night. It’s not a sticker or like wall decal that can be peeled off easily.
Designer Pitch – Avoid theme based flooring for any room. Have theme based elements on walls, wardrobe if at all, room furnishings, but not flooring. Infact since you have theme based decoration everywhere else, let the floorings be plain and simple.
One suggestion for kid’s room flooring I would give is have dark flooring so that the walls, other furniture and furnishings that are in pastels and bright in color get highlighted.