Home Inspection for New homes – Flooring

Significance of checking  flooring before Buying New Home When you entire your probable dream house Flooring is the first element you feel. The flooring has to be solid, hard and comfortable to walk on it stand for some while. If not it will hurt your feet, eventually your legs and make you feel tiered easily.

Friendly Floorings for Kids Room

In conversation with experienced Interior Designers at Contractorbhai.com... When you choosing flooring for kids, most importantly see to it that they are antiskid or anti-slip material. Firstly I would like to ask why it is important to have Kids friendly flooring for Kids room? Designer - Safety is first and last concern about every

Laminate Flooring – Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

Laminate Flooring not only gives you the feel and appearance of natural wood, but also features easy and carefree maintenance. Home owners can have their Laminate flooring look beautiful for years to will little care and cleaning. Basic Care • It is essential to keep laminate flooring free from dust and sand particles since it

Introduction to Laminate Flooring and other Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring is artificial flooring, also called as floating wood tile, is a multi-layer synthetic layer. Making of Laminate Floor Covering The laminate flooring is actually made up of HDF i.e. High density fiber board, overspread with decor paper which is overspread by a layer of lamination process, which is again overspread with anti-resistant coating.The

What If my Budget is limited but I still want Italian Marble

Starting cost of good quality Italian Marble usually is around Rs 350 per square feet. Designer can suggest to opt for Marble that falls in this range. Home Owner has to work out all numbers. In-case your budget doesn't allow to get Italian Marble in all rooms then give priority to Living Room. get Italian