Stone care Products – Eco-friendly

Stone care product include 3 basic procedures i.e. Sealer Application, Liquid based Enhancers and Stain Removers (Restoration) and finally EPOXY application. Today the stone care products are manufactured to be environmentally friendly products. The sealers and other chemicals are all solvent based that penetrate though marble by 3mm-4mm. You do receive a distinct smell (after

ફ્લોર માઉન્ટેડ અને વૉલ મોઉન્ટેડ ટોયલેટ સીટ – ઉત્પાદની સમીક્ષા

ફ્લોર માઉન્ટેડ ટોઇલેટ્સ આધુનિક દિવસોમાં ફ્લોર માઉન્ટેડ યુનિટ્સ કપલ ક્લોઝેટ (WBC) નામે ઓળખાય છે। આ કપલ ક્લોઝેટ ફ્લશ ટેન્ક સાથે આવે છે. બંને ક્લોઝેટ અને ટેન્ક સીરામીક મટેરીઅલ થી બનેલું હોય છે. એસ-ટ્રેપ ડ્રેનેજ પાઇપ જે ક્લોઝેટ ના નીચેના ભાગ થી જોડાઈ છે જમીન થી ફિટ કરવામાં આવે છે ફ્લોર માઉન્ટેડ યુનિટ્સ માટે. વોલ મોઉન્ટેડ

Laminate Flooring – Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

Laminate Flooring not only gives you the feel and appearance of natural wood, but also features easy and carefree maintenance. Home owners can have their Laminate flooring look beautiful for years to will little care and cleaning. Basic Care • It is essential to keep laminate flooring free from dust and sand particles since it

Why Final Finishing is Lengthier process in Home Renovation

For a Home Renovation, if you notice final finishing or giving touch ups work slows down as compared to other renovation work. Here finishing is with regards to everything that falls under renovation be it tiling, painting, flooring, plastering, electrical or carpentry work. By finishing work we also mean cleaning the mess too. Before we

Tile and Stone Installation

Cracks in tiles !!! Grout problems !!! Waterproofing glitches !!! Tile Cleaning concerns !!! Home owners now can have one solution to all these problems. MYK Laticrete is the leader in Tile & Stone Installation that offer most advanced products in respective industry today. MYK Laticrete delivers innovative solutions that has set new standards in

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