For a Home Renovation, if you notice final finishing or giving touch ups work slows down as compared to other renovation work. Here finishing is with regards to everything that falls under renovation be it tiling, painting, flooring, plastering, electrical or carpentry work.

By finishing work we also mean cleaning the mess too. Before we talk about the duration taken for finishing let’s see why is it so important.

Why is Final Finishing so Important?

Final finishing or you could also call it giving final touch or Polishing is an essential part of any Renovation activity. It is the 1st thing a guest will notice while entering your apartment. Final polish or finishing given to an apartment signifies homeowner’s style of living. A well finished, clean apartment also creates positive impact to all who visit.

Polishing & Cleaning

A civil worker will do polishing, usually final cleaning is done by a painter. Polishing is one kind of cleaning and giving shine or enhancing the product. Like polishing is done to flooring and its joint, tile joints and in carpentry to furniture and wood. More the time taken, better is the finish. Many stuffs like grouts or tile joints, flooring, etc. require 2 coats of polish. With 1 coat too final finish can be obtained. But only 1 coat application will fail to enhance the product or work.

All said and done the final cleaning is done by painter who takes 5-6Days. His job is the most difficult one since it is manual work. Therefore it is said that no one can beat his job work when it comes to giving a final polished apartment.