Painting homes or let’s say colors is one of the quickest, easiest, most reasonable and dramatic way to create an ambiance or change the mood to your apartments. Having right Shades or paint can help create harmony, illusion and emphasis interior style. So choose appropriate shades to rejuvenate freshness in your homes.

But how much time does it take to get house/apartment painted is the next query that every home owners would inquire for. Here is the answer to all those homeowners..

Time taken to Paint 1BHK apartment

Time taken to paint any apartment depends on two aspects

(i) whether the client is staying is the same apartment where painting needs to be done or not

(ii) weather i.e. climate

How above aspects matter

(i) The difference here is that if the apartment is empty the procedure for painting wall is carried out simultaneously in all the rooms. While if the client is staying in the same apartment that needs to be painted, painting duration will depend on client as to how soon they empty the rooms for painting. Painting an empty 1BHK apartment would take 15 -20 days’ time. And if the client is staying at the same apartment, then it would take around A Month and half to 2 months.

(ii) Weather too plays an important role here. Like it is summer season, the lambi putty and the paint will dry sooner, say may be just in a days’ time. But during winters and monsoon,s the same thing i.e. lambi putty and the paint will tahe 2-3 days for complete drying. Therefore with climate or season change, the duration for painting an apartment differs.

Difference in Painting duration for 1 BHK and 3 BHK

As I said earlier painting a1BHK apartment will take 15-20 days’ time. But painting a 3BHK will take approx. 22-25 days. As we see it is obvious that larger area will take more time and also manpower required to larger area would be more. i.e. for to paint 1BHK apartment usually 2 labors are enough, while for 3BHK , 5 laborers are required for the same job.
Reason for Delay in Painting work

The main reason for delay in Painting an apartment is the shade difference. There are thousands of shades to choose from to paint homes. It so happens that a homeowner or client chooses one and after its application they dislike it. The apartment or walls are again re-painted as per the said shade which take another 2 days. This not only delays work but increases labor cost and paint cost too. These additional costs are then charged to the clients.

Tip to get Painting work faster

To let the Lambi Putty dry quickest, professionals (Contractor or Interior Designer) will install Halogen lights in front of the walls. This heat emitted from these lights will fasten the drying process of these walls.

We ask our Clients to let the AC be kept on for a day or two depending on drying process. This is usually done after the 1st coat of paint. This is done so that for if any cracks or dirt is left, they can be finished and given a final smooth touch up for them not to be visible.