1 BHK Home Interior Design – Design Ideas that no one talks about

Different Designers have different approach. Here is what Designers at Contractorbhai have to say for 1BHK Interior Design, Designer -1 - When you hear 1BHK, the first thing you think is nuclear family. Now this nuclear family could be parents and 2 kids or a kid or just a couple. So the basic requirements

મોડ્યૂલર સ્વિચ – ભારત

હું એક ઇલેક્ટ્રિશિયન મેં મળ્યો અને ફક્ત મારા જ્ઞાન માટે મેં તેમને પૂછ્યું - કેવી રીતે એક ઇલેક્ટ્રિશિયન સ્વીચોની સંખ્યા નક્કી કરે છે એક રૂમ અથવા 1BHK એપાર્ટમેન્ટ માટે ? (અને આ જે તેમણે કહ્યું) સામાન્ય રીતે સ્વિચ અને સ્વિચ બોર્ડ ની જરૂરિયાત એક રૂમ માં ઘર માલિક પર નિર્ભર કરે છે. પણ એક સામાન્ય

Time Taken to Paint 1BHK

Painting homes or let’s say colors is one of the quickest, easiest, most reasonable and dramatic way to create an ambiance or change the mood to your apartments. Having right Shades or paint can help create harmony, illusion and emphasis interior style. So choose appropriate shades to rejuvenate freshness in your homes. But how much

Time taken to do Furniture for 1BHK

House interiors are not only restricted to colors of wall. Interiors is also about having matching furniture items, style, colors and much more. Furniture can truly transform the complete look of your house. It can either make you house look better or worsen the house interiors. Tip for homeowners to choose for Furniture’s Furniture items

Why some Renovation Projects go on for a year???

Renovating an 1BHK apartment usually takes 2 months or maximum 3 months time. Not more than that. But there are few projects that go on for more than a year. We choose to write this article to help home owners know the possibilities for delay in work and how could it be avoided. Reasons for

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