House interiors are not only restricted to colors of wall. Interiors is also about having matching furniture items, style, colors and much more. Furniture can truly transform the complete look of your house. It can either make you house look better or worsen the house interiors.

Tip for homeowners to choose for Furniture’s

Furniture items play a major role in determining the quality of Interiors of your house and also the lifestyle a homeowner spends. Well if homeowners choose large furniture items for small houses, it will then occupy all the space. This will make the room look smaller and tacky.Also smaller furniture for bigger house will make the rooms look empty. Hence, we suggest homeowners to always order or purchase furniture that complement the size of their house. Appropriate size of furniture will make the rooms look arranged, spacious and tidy.

Home owners can opt for buying ready-made furniture or getting it made from carpenter. There are many homeowners who believe in getting furniture made form carpenter as it proves to be more sturdy and durable. The most frequently arising questions in home owners mind while planning furniture is, how much time does a carpenter take to make furniture. To get an exact idea, we consulted two different professionals i.e. An Interior Designer and Contractor for the same. And this is what we concluded…

Time Taken by Carpenter to make Furniture for 1BHK

Time taken to make furniture will majorly depend on Carpenter for how has he taken the job, with or without material.

If carpenter has taken up the job with material, then carpenter will go and purchase material by himself and start the work. Here homeowner will only come into scenario i.e. while buying purchasing laminates for which color and style he wants. While carpenter has taken up the job without materials, then homeowner will have to go and purchase every single material like Ply, furniture hardware, Fevicol, Laminates, etc.

Let’s say for 1BHK you have

• TV Unit, Shoe Rack, Door, Safety Door and Center Table for Living Room
• Overheads and cabinets for Kitchen and
Wardrobe and bed for bedroom.

To make these furniture a carpenter will take minimum of 3 months’ time.

Firstly the main boxes are made i.e. the wardrobe box, bed box, TV unit, kitchen furniture, etc. which takes 3-4- days’ time. The main work starts after these boxes are ready. Making Doors for the cabinets, drawers for kitchen and wardrobes, gluing laminates, fitting the hardware takes away 15-20 days. The plywood firstly cut as per required size for doors. Similarly for drawers, tables, etc. After which laminates are cut and glued to each on the cut pieces. The plywood is kept for drying for a day or 2. The hardware fittings are then fixed to necessary area. And lastly final finishing i.e. polishing and cleaning takes place that takes 15 days.

Many home owners feel that 3 months is too long to have furniture made for 1 BHK. Yes that’s true but carpenter or any other professionals get restricted with work timings due to Society rules and Regulations. Most Societies do not allow work from 2.00 to 4.00 in afternoon. Also no work after 7.00 and similar rules, due to which 1.5-2 months job takes 3 months to complete.

But to have furniture work finished faster or on time the material be it by homeowner or contractor or carpenter should be purchased and bought on time.

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Bed is one of the important pieces of furniture inside a house. For many it is aspirational. Many small homes in Mumbai do not use bed, or rather not everyone sleeps in bed. Since the space is less. There is not enough room for everyone to sleep in bed.

Bed decides Bedroom design

Bed position & size decides the design of the whole bedroom. Bed position decides where the fan will be located. It eventually decides lighting & false ceiling design. Bed impacts wardrobe location.

Wardrobe doors

You have to keep enough space between the door opening & bed. This is required so that a person can stand & use the wardrobe when doors are open.


You can have a drawer like system inside the bed, it drags & opens on the sides. Hydraulic is a more efficient way of creating storage. You can pull the mattress and bed top on the upper side & the hydraulic bracket holds it open for you. You can easily remove or keep things inside bed after this. Things kept inside the bed should be items which are not used on a daily basis.

Hydraulic hardware comes in different weight capacities.

Common sizes & designs

Furniture Bed Storage Home Interior

Furniture inside Bedroom – Bed Storage

Single, double, queen, king size – these are common sizes of beds.

Normal Bed, Bed with storage, bed without storage, bunk bed, sofa cum bed – these are commonly used bed designs in Indian homes.

Folding Bed

In recent years a new trend of folding beds came into the market. You can lift the bed & keep it vertically along the wall when not in use. This makes your room free. Such a wonderful idea.In a city like Mumbai where space inside the bedroom is less, this allows you to have a free room to do other daily activities when not using the bed.

Unfortunately the hardware which is used for these beds don’t work smoothly over a period of time. There is extremely costly hardware available by big brands, they also offer a few years of warranty. However these are costly. But if space is utmost important, one has to take chances.

Bed height

In recent years designers have started keeping bed height up to 15 inches. In olden days we used to have a bed of height 21 inches. Less height is more convenient when you want to get in & get out of bed. However, less bed height means less storage.


Bed Design with Headboard mounted to wall

Bed Design with Headboard mounted to wall

Purpose of the headboard is that it gives a very beautiful look to the bed. It completes bed design. It allows us to take support when we are seated inside bed. Headboard can be smaller in height or it can be medium size, depending upon what design concept you are using. In recent years carpenters have started creating a box of bed & headboard as separate parts. In olden times, the headboard used to be a permanently fixed part of the bed.

Low cost readymade Bed

If budget is concerned or your plan is to use a bed for a couple of years only, low cost readymade beds are the way to go. They are less costly since they are made out of industrial grade plywood. Material is not long lasting.