Sustainable Interior Design Solutions for India – Part 3

(We invited Architect Sagar Valia to help us understand - How to decorate your House with Sustainable Interior Design solutions.) By now you must be very familiar with the concept of sustainability. If you have missed my previous two articles (Part 1 & Part 2), I do recommend you to kindly go through them first

Time taken to do Furniture for 1BHK

House interiors are not only restricted to colors of wall. Interiors is also about having matching furniture items, style, colors and much more. Furniture can truly transform the complete look of your house. It can either make you house look better or worsen the house interiors. Tip for homeowners to choose for Furniture’s Furniture items

Cost of Adding New Electrical Point in Your Home

Adding switch points is a task once concealed wiring is done. We recently got asked by a Home Owner from Pune following questions: "There’s concealed wiring done for my 1BHK apartment in Pune. I want to have an additional switch points in each room, can is be easily done?" It’s a difficult task to add

Home Renovation Made Easy!

Kehte hain ki “Ghar wahi hota hain jaha apna Dil ho”. It is so damn true hain na? You spend almost half of your valuable time at home. You will offourse want your home to look more beautiful, elegant and secured. Your home furnishing and decorating will probably change as time goes by to accommodate

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