Sustainable Interior Design Solutions for India – Part 3

(We invited Architect Sagar Valia to help us understand - How to decorate your House with Sustainable Interior Design solutions.) By now you must be very familiar with the concept of sustainability. If you have missed my previous two articles (Part 1 & Part 2), I do recommend you to kindly go through them first

Astral C PVC Pipes – Product Review

Modern Day Homes use ASTRAL C PVC pipes. These pipes are manufactured by Astral Company. Traditionally GI pipes i.e. Galvanized Iron pipe were used by builders and architects. But GI pipes were not very durable as they were not corrosion resistant and fittings very comparatively difficult. If the fittings were not installed correctly, leakage problems

Single Lever Diverter – Product Review

Many Home owners prefer Single Lever Diverter for their modern bathrooms. Compact and space efficient, Single Lever Diverter is also known as concealed Diverter. This is because the water pipe and other necessary functional fittings get concealed in the wall. On your wall is an aluminium sheet with a single lever and overhead shower button,

Wall Mixer 3 in 1 – Product Review

Wall mixture is a single unit fitted where the entire unit is visible unlike concealed shower panels. Bathroom wall mixer 3 in 1 unit is called so as it comprises of 3 features- (i) Overhead shower and (ii) Telephone shower (commonly known as hand shower) (iii) Spout or bucket filler Hot and cold water knobs

Bathroom Shower Panel – Product Review

Enjoy the experience of luxurious shower by installing designed to excellence Shower panels. Shower panel is a single unit with multiple functions making your bathing experience enjoyable. Shower Panels comprises of Shampoo rack, Overhead shower, Telephone shower (hand shower), Diverter (for hot and cold water) and 6-angle adjustable body jets. Design & models Most home

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