Wall mixture is a single unit fitted where the entire unit is visible unlike concealed shower panels. Bathroom wall mixer 3 in 1 unit is called so as it comprises of 3 features-

(i) Overhead shower and
(ii) Telephone shower (commonly known as hand shower)
(iii) Spout or bucket filler

Hot and cold water knobs come with any type wall mixture. For hot and cold mix water, you can turn both the knobs on at the same time when required. Here the knobs used for hot and cold water can either be normal taps or advanced quarter turn knobs that look quite trendy and stylish. There are various designs and style in Wall mixer 3 in 1 to choose from. These designs and styles are easily available with dealer in market.

Brands – You can choose from various brands like Plumber, Velvet, Parryware, Jaguar, Fyne, etc. easily available in market.