Most Essential Aspect to Waterproofing – Diagnose Root Cause

Waterproofing is common sense. Waterproofing can be easily solved by solving the root cause of water-leakage. The true skill to waterproofing lies is finding out the root cause of water leakage. Only a skilled person or well knowledge person can diagnose the root cause of water leakage. Many a times it is difficult for them

Causes for Plaster Impairment & Water Leakage

Dampness in exterior wall is mainly due to rains. Too much of dampness on wall will damage the plaster of that wall. And only an experienced or knowledgeable plumber can make out the amount of damage caused to the plaster due to dampness. Indeed dampness on wall means damage is already caused to plaster. Dampness

Bathroom & Kitchen Drainage Choked

Drain choke is a troublesome problem to deal with, especially when you need a plumber to rectify it. This type of problem is very common and can be cause in any pipe that carries waste like kitchen sinks, bathroom drains, toilet bowl drains, etc. Let’s see what cause a choke/blockage individually. Most commonly drain choke

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