Prices of Building Material & more…

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Know the Cost of Building Material and other products necessary for Home Interiors. (Click on the link below to open the file.) I BUILDING MATERIAL PRICES I PS: We are working on the list. Will update soon.

Demonetization impact on purchasing new material ( from vendor to shopkeeper to customer)

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Demonetization impact on purchasing new material ( from vendor to shopkeeper to customer) Its said that Indian consumer firms, forms around 40% of sales from wholesale channel. And this wholesale channel mainly works on cash transactions. They are very much likely to witness liquidity constrictions today. This could disturb the supply chain and affect the

Demonetization – its impact on buying new home and home renovation plans!!!

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Firstly let’s understand what Demonetization means. Demonetization is the act of stripping a currency unit of its status as legal tender. Demonetization is necessary whenever there is a change of national currency. But here the scenario is different. Today we see demonetization in our country due to abundant of fake notes being distributed around the

Essential Kitchen Measurements and Installations

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While planning kitchen interiors and its installations, it is essential for them to be placed at a distance from each other for it to be functional. You may find yourself wondering for several things like what shall be the distance between two parallel style platforms, distance between base of wall cabinet and counter-top, or even

Bathroom Leakage from upper floor

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There are several reasons for leakage in Bathroom like damaged walls, mildew growth, etc. But before getting anything fixed/rectified, it’s most important to know the reason for leakage. Reason 1 But if you have a second story bathroom or neighbors’ bathroom in the same place, the problem could be in water supply line or in