Interview with Manish Patki- A Budding Artist

Manish Patki is a Nasik based Artist learning different modelling techniques. We got in touch with him to know about these different techniques and this is what he shared with us – What are different techniques of modelling techniques you learning? Manish Patki – I have completed my course in Embossing, carving and sculpting. These

More on Stone Sealer

What is a Stone Sealer? Stone sealer is a chemical used on natural stone to impede staining and corrosion. Why use a Sealer? Natural stone like Marble, Italian Marble, granite, etc. used in kitchens, floors, walls, swimming pools, building foyers, lobby, façade, etc. is used in residential as well as commercial areas. The porosity of

An outline to Maintaining Stone Finish/Surface

In conversation with Stone Care Solution head.. What is this Stone Care solution all about? At Stone Care Solution you have expert team providing superior quality Stone maintenance application like Sealers, enhancers, Stain removers and Epoxy bonding Agents. Our service includes a wide range i.e. application of Stain residents sealer, Backcoat Sealer, Floor sealer, and

घर के रेनोवेशन की कीमत – रुपयों में प्रति स्क्वायर फ़ीट

घर के रेनोवेशन मूल रूप से २ चीज़ों पर निर्भर करता है - आवश्यकता और घर की स्थिति पर। उदाहरण के लिए, घर के मालिक सामान्य छत के बजाय पॉप (पेरिस के प्लास्टर) छत / सीलिंग करवाना चाहते हो। घर के अंदर एल्यूमिनियम खिड़की सरल रूप से पेंट करवाए पाउडर कोटेड और एनोडीज़ेड सतहों। kehne

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