21. Brain Tricks in Interior Designing

This is Video 21 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Quick Tips to make your Small spaces appear Bigger -Paint your Walls & Flooring in light and bright shades. Light n bright colors reflects space. It thetefore makes small rooms appear bigger.Try using flooring and adjacent items ( the lower

5. White House is Always Big

Interior Design Tricks Series– Video 5/ 35 White House is always big. Small room feels detained and uncomfortable. In today’s world where spaces are getting small, we need to adapt certain design concepts to make small rooms spacious. The most common and easy trick is to paint your

Important measurements for Bathroom

Bathroom is often an ignored room when it comes to planning. Many find it difficult arranging fixtures and faucets here. Well let me tell you that bathroom vanities and accessories need sufficient space and right location in bathroom. Here are some essential figures you need to know for a small room like bathroom too. Minimum

घर के रेनोवेशन की कीमत – रुपयों में प्रति स्क्वायर फ़ीट

घर के रेनोवेशन मूल रूप से २ चीज़ों पर निर्भर करता है - आवश्यकता और घर की स्थिति पर। उदाहरण के लिए, घर के मालिक सामान्य छत के बजाय पॉप (पेरिस के प्लास्टर) छत / सीलिंग करवाना चाहते हो। घर के अंदर एल्यूमिनियम खिड़की सरल रूप से पेंट करवाए पाउडर कोटेड और एनोडीज़ेड सतहों। kehne

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