Economical solution to Bathroom Repair

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In our previous article, we saw how much will a home owner spend on bathroom repair work. In this article we will see how home owner can get his/her bathroom repair work done in an economic way. We will discuss where and how can a home owners save, especially for those with constrained budget. Save

Latest Bathroom Design Trends

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Home owners today have not only become cautious as far as interior designing is concerned. Modern home owners not only want their rooms to look stylish but also their bathrooms and toilets too. We happen to talk to two different individuals – a Contractor and Interior designer who had different approach about latest trends for

Tips for Designing Small & Big Bathroom

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Be it a small bathroom or a bigger one, here a few tips that can help improve bathroom interiors. 1. Having a Ventilation Fan – Installing a ventilation fan can eliminate steam and fog formed on mirrors and bad odor from room. 2. Lighting – Ambient Lights prove today are as essential as task lighting