Be it a small bathroom or a bigger one, here a few tips that can help improve bathroom interiors.

1. Having a Ventilation Fan – Installing a ventilation fan can eliminate steam and fog formed on mirrors and bad odor from room.

2. Lighting – Ambient Lights prove today are as essential as task lighting in bathroom. Home owner’s different lightings like indirect lights, recessed lights, etc depending on space and availability.

Tips to make your small bathrooms appear larger.

1. Bigger Floor Tiles – Having bigger tiles of size 2’x2’, 3’x3’ and more can make your small bathroom look bigger and neater. With smaller size tiles, come number of tile joints that make the room look smaller and untidy.

2. Use Stripes for Walls – Wide or strips or similar large scale patterns can make you bathroom like expanded, while vertical stripes to add a sense of height to the room. Use these patterns appropriately to make you bathrooms feel bigger.

3. Allow Natural Light – Your bathroom or any other rooms or space for that matter will always seem bigger if it’s lighter and brighter. Therefore be sure to take full advantage of any natural light available in your small bathroom. Make sure if any curtains used are translucent, and keep window shelves free of any objects that would obstruct sunlight from entering the bathroom. Similarly, while choosing paint colors or a color scheme for the entire space, focus on lighter, livelier shades.

4. Install a Corner Sink – Having sinks installed or fixed in one corner can help you move freely which is difficult with a pedestal sink type.

5. Install a Wall Mount Commode – The flush tanks of wall mounted commode get concealed in wall unlike floor mount commode. Having a wall mount commode installed thus can save on that space. Also wall mount commode is installed on wall which means it is from flooring. This makes the room look neater and makes home owner’s job easier to clean the floor space.

6. Use Large Mirrors – Having a big size mirror above the basin wall or any of the side walls can add depth to you bathroom space.

7. Have a wall mount Vanity – For home owners have are keen on having a vanity under basin, suggest them to have a wall mount vanity i.e. free form floor. This visually makes a bathroom look bigger and also frees up floor space to keep small items.

8. Install the towel Bar on door – When space is a concern, installing a towel rack or rod behind the door can be quite helpful.

Tips for Designing Big Bathrooms

Home owners who have big bathrooms have an advantage of making their bathrooms look more luxurious and stylish. Here are a few tips on how to add style to your big bathrooms-

1. Have a Spa at your own home – Get a Spa feeling in your very own bathrooms by installing few added items. To get a spa look, home owners can get artificial bamboos installed at a distance but parallel to one of the walls. To add to the ambience get ceiling lights installed in-between the bamboo and back wall. Here home owners can have recessed light, light strip or tube lights installed as per their choice and budget. The color of light could also vary with bathroom design and style.

2. Install Shower Cabinets – Enjoy splendid luxurious bathing by having a shower cabinet installed in your bathrooms. Shower Cabinet lets you enjoy both, the tub bath as well as taking shower. With modern cabinets, home owners can enjoy music with Built in FM radio system and steam bath too.

3. Have a partition installed to have a distinct wet and dry area. Home owners can choose from plain glass to designer glass partition to curtains and more as per their budget and style of bathroom.