Ways to create Impressive Wall Décor

Many Modern homes are featured with open living room and kitchens or huge living rooms. You see huge blank walls. You think to decorate it. Why not? Well it’s a great way to create a focal point. Here are some ways to create stunning Walls … Which walls are usually decorated as accent wall?

Kids Room Realistic Storage Ideas for Books & Toys

In conversation with experienced Interior Designer at ContractorBhai.com... If you have kids then you know how important toy storage is followed by books. Infact to keep your kids engaged and involved with not only playing but reading books too it’s very important to have book storage done very smartly and creatively. To

Tips for Designing Small & Big Bathroom

Be it a small bathroom or a bigger one, here a few tips that can help improve bathroom interiors. 1. Having a Ventilation Fan – Installing a ventilation fan can eliminate steam and fog formed on mirrors and bad odor from room. 2. Lighting – Ambient Lights prove today are as essential as task lighting

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