Elegant Ideas for Sofa Wall Highlighters

What is Highlighting a wall? Very obvious first thought that enters any home owner’s mind in painting one wall in different or contrast color to other walls. But highlighting a wall isn’t now restricted to just painting. You have other inventive choices include variety of textures, finishes and materials that that adds interest, style and

Ways to Dress your Walls to suit Every Style Home Interiors

Wall highlighter are highlighters used on walls to bring in the mood and create an ambiance. Wall highlighters act as eye magnets i.e. when guests enter your apartment or room, their attention will automatically be drawn towards the highlighted wall. The highlighted wall is going to be different from other 3 or 2 walls or

Ways to create Impressive Wall Décor

Many Modern homes are featured with open living room and kitchens or huge living rooms. You see huge blank walls. You think to decorate it. Why not? Well it’s a great way to create a focal point. Here are some ways to create stunning Walls … Which walls are usually decorated as accent wall?

Kids Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

In conversation with experienced Designer at ContractorBhai.com... Childhood is such a phase that creativity can be triggered from simplest of things. One of the best ways to enable this creativity and imagination is have brilliant wall decor for your kids room. Fancy that your kid or toddler is aware of jungle creatures, acting an princess

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