Wallpaper v/s Painting for Indian Walls

Give life to your luster-less walls. But how? Deciding on type and style of wall-covering for interior walls is no easy job. Very often home owners are confused between Wallpapering and Wall-Painting, options. Lets read the following to help aid your confusion. Designer – Painting is covering a wall with use of Interior Wall paint.

Ways to Style you Dining Space with Beach Theme

We all wish to go to Goa, go to the Beach out there. Want to fee refreshed, bright and free and cozy too. Well why not bring those elements in your home. These few elements can bring energy and freshness to your conventional dining areas. Bring in Shades of Blues - Paint your main wall

Kids Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

In conversation with experienced Designer at ContractorBhai.com... Childhood is such a phase that creativity can be triggered from simplest of things. One of the best ways to enable this creativity and imagination is have brilliant wall decor for your kids room. Fancy that your kid or toddler is aware of jungle creatures, acting an princess

Damn! ContractorBhai.com is 4 months old

So How are we doing? Not bad! Check the graph of people who have been visiting us. It is very encouraging. Its been 4 months we launched. Last month( April 2012) more then 3000 people visited us. Looking at statistics and sample data, most of the people who visited us were people who were looking

Quick Tips for choosing Contractor in Pune for Home Renovation

1) Best approach is to give business to Contractor or Interior Designer recommended by friend and family. 2) If you do not have reference talk to to 2 - 3 Contractors, tell them your budget and let them come back with details of Estimate and building Material that they will use. 3) If you just

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