Contractors in Mumbai – Interview with Kalpesh Bavalia

Tell us about your career in Renovation Industry ? Started working in 1995 as a trainee with my uncle who was running is Civil Contractor business. Worked in renovation & Interior projects of hospitals, schools, hotels, building & residential projects. I was fortunate to try & learn everything under the roof. Later started working independently

Damn! is 4 months old

So How are we doing? Not bad! Check the graph of people who have been visiting us. It is very encouraging. Its been 4 months we launched. Last month( April 2012) more then 3000 people visited us. Looking at statistics and sample data, most of the people who visited us were people who were looking

Cost of Renovating a Flat in Mumbai

Home owners have lot of thoughts and concerns when they start thinking about Home Renovation. Of all the biggest one is "How much will it Cost?" Frankly, there is no easy way to know exact numbers until you show your place to Contractor or Interior Designer, who works out a plan and then starts making

Home Renovation in Pune

We spoke to Govind Parmar (Civil Contractor in Pune) about topics like: 1) Repairing Home as per Vastu Shastra 2) Quantity vs Quality 3) Vitrified Tiles Here’s what he shared: Any important suggestion you want to share with respect to Vastu Shastra for Interior designer or Decorator? vastu Shahstra is too much in trend now-days.

Interview with Govind Parmar, Civil Contractor for Pune, Satara, Karad

Tell us about yourself? In 1977, fresh out of school, I started working for a Diamond polishing firm. But very soon switched to Civil Contractor work. I learned work from my brother in law Mr Keshav Mistry (Satara). Mainly Tiling work. Once I had picked up how things work, my relative from Mumbai offered me

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