We spoke to Govind Parmar (Civil Contractor in Pune) about topics like:

1) Repairing Home as per Vastu Shastra
2) Quantity vs Quality
3) Vitrified Tiles

Here’s what he shared:

Any important suggestion you want to share with respect to Vastu Shastra for Interior designer or Decorator?
vastu Shahstra is too much in trend now-days. Everyone wants to implement it. Now one thing to keep in mind is purpose of Vastu Shastra – that is – Peace and Harmony. Unfortunately if you end up taking service from wrong person he will over-engineer the repair work or renovation. You have to inform Contractor or Interior Designer that you would like to achieve good setup with less damage and replacement inside house. I have heard of cases where people borrowed money to do extra work as per Vastu Shastra. I never understood how can one achieve Peace & Harmony by borrowing money. So point is do not over do things.

You get lot of Inquiries for Home Renovation Contracts in Pune and nearby cities, what do you give more importance – Quantity or Quality?
For sure Quality. I am working in Home Renovation related work for more 25 years now. I am confident that when you do good/quality work, you get more business. Most of the work I do comes through reference from old clients.

How Flooring and Tiling Products have changed in India specially in City like Mumbai Pune Bangalore etc?
Earlier there was lot of demand for using Natural stones – Kota , Marble Granite etc. However in recent times Vitrified Tiles have taken over most of the Home Renovation world. Vitrified Tiles give a feeling of High End Natural Stones, of-course these are tiles made in Factory. But latest technology and material science makes them look really good.

Secondly its also a easy task for Home Owners. Previously they had to figure out which marble to Buy, get it Polished. With Vitrified Tiles, you select a brand and model and thats about it. There is no Polishing. They come Box-packed at your home.

Labour work also gets simplified. Its fast to finish Tiling/Flooring work.

so when we insist our client to go for Vitrified tile,actually the client wants the work to be done fast now everyone wants the work to be done in short so Vitrified tile is going well earlier there were option of marble and kota but now people don have time to go n see the quality of the marble give it for polishing so this is time consuming so Vitrified the option or solution for this in the

With Marbles used for flooring, it is advisable to water the floor for week or two and then do Polishing. Only after this Home Owners and start using it.

In world of Vitrified Tiles, you move in 24 hours after Tiling work is finished.

Having said all this, Natural Stones have their own Glory. Its more money and Efforts to get marble flooring but finally its marble, you see.

Govind Parmar Home Repair Contractor Pune
Govind Parmar works as Civil Contractor for Home Renovation and Commercial Renovation Projects in Pune, Satara, Karad and nearby cities. We published his Interviewed recently. Govind Parmar – cell# +91-9422401314