With urbanization in full swing, tenants are gravitating more towards the tiny house movement. This means people are opting to live in studio apartments or in smaller homes that are perfect for two people. If you’re living in an urban hub in India such as Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad or Chennai, it’s likely that you face space constraints when it comes to your apartment or home. In such a scenario, it’s important to make the most of the existing real estate by using space-saving furniture.

Once you move into your small home, you will have to start planning how to arrange your living space, while cleverly using every inch of square footage on offer. When it comes to space management at home, modular furniture is the way to go. Invest in furniture that can be folded, stacked away, and is multipurpose so that the use of the space is efficient.

To help you make the most out of a smaller home, we’ve compiled some of the best modern space saving furniture ideas from across the web. These space-saving hacks include projects that help tailor the living space according to your daily routine so that you can live king size despite the smaller home.

Minimize the clutter

Space saving furniture India
When it comes to interior design ideas for small homes, the focus is majorly on decluttering and minimizing furniture so that the space does not appear cramped in any manner. Here’s how you can start ‘Marie Kondoing’ your tiny home so that it sparks joy.

  • Use a Lift Bed-

    The lift bed is popularly known for offering maximum storage no matter the size of your home. Unlike the humble trundle bed, the lift bed is raised to create storage space. You can opt for a classic design that will add ample storage, without compromising on the style.

  • Drop leaf table-

    Another classic compact furniture piece, the drop leaf table is transformable and it allows the user to choose whether they want the “leaf” of the table up or down. This piece is perfect as an everyday household item, if your household comprises two people, and if you love to entertain guests. It’s perfect because it adds dining space by propping one or two of the leaves.

  • Magical bookshelf-

    Well it’s not called a “magical” bookshelf, but it should be! If you’re an avid bookworm and are worried that your books will be taking up too much space in your tiny apartment, then this furniture piece is perfect for you. The big reveal of this shelf is that the chairs and tables are built into it. So you can pull them out whenever you desire, and attach them back when you’re done with them, as well.

  • Hidden seats-

    Everybody loves a good coffee table, but hidden seating can take a boring old coffee table to the next level. You can go for a design that features the hidden seating as ottomans, and since the seating is cushioned your guests can rest their feet in comfort.

  • Declutter your entryway-

    The entryway can be the most cluttered space in anyone’s house, small space or not. Well, many room furniture ideas can maximize space along the entryway while minimizing clutter. Look for pieces that can be folded back into walls after use.

Use wall units and shelves

Space saving interior design
Wall units are a great way to maximize storage without taking up any flooring space. Here are some great wall unit ideas for you:

  • Wall sconces-

    If you want to illuminate your bedroom, but don’t have space for floor or table lamps, then you can always install wall sconces. They provide a polished and refined look without compromising on space and this way you can invest in a slim bedside table that can hold your essentials.

  • Build shelves into the wall-

    When you put up shelves into your walls, then you don’t have to worry about taking up too much space on the floor with bulky pieces. You can use the extra space for statement furniture that will show off your style.

  • Built-in kitchen nooks-

    When it comes to choosing furniture for compact homes, a built-in banquet or a bench that can be used as seating in an eat-in kitchen is a great idea. You can use wall units to create a small dining nook in the kitchen, it can serve as an elevated dining space. If you customize it to the scale you have in mind then the size and shape of the dining area won’t look too bulky.

Segregate the cabinet space

Interior design for small homes
Cabinet space can be a challenge in small apartments, and this is where segregated space can work in your favor.

Repurpose an old bookshelf-

This is a neat way to create a segregated cabinet space and recycle old furniture. You can repurpose an old bookshelf and stock all your pantry essentials in it. Make sure you label your shelves so that you don’t end up messing up your organized shelf.

Use your loft as a living space

Use your loft as a living spaceImage Source

When it comes to home interior design ideas for a small house, it’s essential to use the height of the home effectively. If you’ve got a tall apartment with adequate headroom, you can even convert storage spaces such as lofts into a living space. If you live in a studio apartment then converting your loft space can make a huge difference because it can separate your private space from the kitchen and bathroom. When converting your loft, you need to look out for compact furniture and come up with a layout before you start on any work.

Transform corner spaces into cozy nooks

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You can transform the awkward corners in your home into cozy reading nooks with the right compact furniture and a dash of foliage. For instance, if you have an awkward corner in your living room by a fireplace, then you can put in a custom upholstered bench rather than a bulky lounge chair or settee. You can use this space as extra seating while entertaining or as a study corner.

Maximize storage under the stairs

Space saving furniture India

Use the space beneath the stairs and integrate drawers and storage racks to maximize the functionality. When perfectly designed, built-in chests and drawers can prove to be an invaluable storage solution for cramped spaces. Make sure to use segregated drawers to ensure the storage stays organized and doesn’t become chaotic.

Use convertible sofas

Compact furniture

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Convertible sofas are the perfect multi-use furniture for a small apartment. It provides flexibility and comfort, it combines two of the major ‘space occupying’ furniture needs into one. The convertible sofa is great if you want to have guests over and they want to stay the night. Since it doubles as a bunk bed, it can turn any room into a guest bedroom.

You must measure the area where you want to place your sofa bed, and this includes the space it will take up when open. You have to ensure that there is more than enough room to unpack the bed without having to rearrange your entire apartment.

When it comes to quality, the bed frame is vital. So, you need to look for hardwood that is kiln-dried because it removes any moisture that can settle in the wood and stabilizes the frame without cracking or warping. You can also opt for strong metal frames as well. Next, you will have to check out the mattress quality, test the comfort levels by lying down on it (if you’re visiting the store), and check customer reviews if you’re buying it online.

Use hollow Ottomans for added storage space

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Image Source: decormarkethome

When you have a small living room, you will have to invest in multipurpose furniture to prevent cluttering up your room. A Hollow Ottoman is a great piece to invest in as it provides a compact seating as well as storage area that’s hidden away from the guests. Ottomans are decorative seating cubes that can be used as footstools as well. They can be pushed under a coffee table when they are not in use, this way they won’t crowd your living room or block the walkways. The storage space is great for storing stuff like bedspreads and blankets that you may want to use while snuggling up on the couch and watching a movie.

Use ergonomic kitchen furniture

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Before you go all out on kitchen décor, you must evaluate the size of the room and think about how realistic a kitchen island or an eat-in bar is for the limited space. The height and ergonomics should never be ignored when making the decision. If you have a narrow kitchen then you can go for a small kitchen island that is functional and stylish, and that won’t take up much space.

You can also invest in a ‘transforming table’, which is a popular dining table that can seat four to six people. If you don’t want to use it as a dining table, then you can push a lever under the table and lower the table in height and use it as a coffee table. Another firm push of the lever and you can lay the table flat, which will allow you to slide the table away for storage.

Another great option is an extended table, these ergonomic dining tables are classic space-saving designs offer large space and convenience. It’s popular because you can use it to entertain guests when you need large spaces and transform it into a side table when you need more room.

Invest in a Rollout pantry

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The modern kitchen requires storage solutions that are smart, aesthetically pleasing, and practical. There are many ways to expand your kitchen storage space, especially the pantry. You can use rollout pantries because they will offer you plenty of storage without compromising on space. All you need to look out for is the right shelves, drawers, space-savvy units that will fulfill your needs. A nifty rollout pantry will provide you with the storage by using up vertical room on offer.

Foldaway desks and chairs

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There are many varieties of foldaway desks and chairs from floating versions to folding options, you will find a piece that will fit into your lifestyle effortlessly.

  • Vertical ladder shelf-

    You can use the wall and ceiling height to maximize space by installing a vertical ladder shelf desk. The desk can be attached to the wall and it can provide a compact surface area for working.

  • Folding computer desk-

    This desk can provide you with the right amount of workspace when it is fully extended. It’s quite convenient because it’s compact and it provides a traditional office feeling. The desk has a space-saving feature, in the form of six wheels, which means it can be rolled away or collapsed. This makes it easy to stow away the desk whenever you need extra space.

Folding beds and wall beds

Space saving furniture
Source: Photo via @the_uk_seasons

Wall beds, also known as Murphy beds, have been popular with small space homeowners and it’s easy to see why. This transforming furniture piece can be folded up easily, when not in use, and it can make any studio apartment feel spacious in no time. However, the challenge lies in finding an attractive and functional Murphy bed that provides you with storage and saves on space as well.

Ideas for Recreational areas

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Convertible dining cum Snooker table – Just because you’ve chosen a tiny home doesn’t mean that you have to miss out on having fun. Even in tight spaces, multipurpose furniture can come to your rescue. Your dinner table can house a mini snooker table and can be a budget friendly way to add a mini game room element to your space.

Coffee cum Foosball table-

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If you are someone who hosts the occasional gaming nights for your guests, this will be a welcome addition to your home. A nifty little coffee table that doubles up as a foosball station. You can cover up the table with a removable top layer to convert it into a normal coffee table when not in use. However, make sure that you use coasters so that the smooth glossy finish isn’t affected.

Get professional help

When it comes to smaller homes, the margin for error is quite low. You need to make all the right decisions when it comes to making the most of the space. Also, you may have to custom make a lot of the furniture as buying off the shelf may not fit into the dimensions you have in mind. This will require negotiating and dealing with a number of vendors ranging from wood suppliers, carpenters and so on. If this sounds like a daunting task, hiring an interior designer might be your safest bet. With affordable interior design services available at transparent per square foot rates, hiring a designer might be the best way forward to fulfill your tiny home dreams.

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