Why is Vastu Shastra important?

Vastu Shastra is the ‘Science of Architecture’. In the physical world, the most important aspect is geometric perfection. Vastu Shastra is an ancient science from India, which describes the design principles, measurements, space arrangement, and spatial geometry.

Yogic Science is all about aligning one’s physiological geometry through yoga. Once a perfect geometrical alignment in the physiological structure is attained, the chemical structure and the energy structure also aligns with the larger geometry, the cosmos. Vastu Shastra is a similar form of geometrical alignment of your living quarters and home with the larger geometry of the universe. The more aligned with the universe the construction of your home is, the more positive energy flow it attracts.

When we construct a geometrically balanced and aligned building and design it using Vastu Shastra, the living space draws a lot of positive energy and makes the denizens much healthier and happier.

Vastu Shastra codifies the ancient principles of Indian architecture that guide construction of the home in an apt manner. This science was forgotten by society once humans started having the liberty of choosing any material to construct the home. With the help of modern tools like cement and concrete, they started building living spaces with reckless abandon to Vastu principles.

However, off late, there has been a return to our architectural roots and builders are focussing on Vastu to ensure happy customers. We’ve compiled this guide of Vastu tips to help you in constructing your dream home.

Basic Principles of Vastu Shastra

As per Hindu mythology, the Cosmos, the Universe, Sun, Moon, Planets, and our body, everything is made of five elements called the ‘Panchabhoota’ or ‘Panchatatva’. Vastu Shastra helps to balance all these tattvas in the living spaces for a prosperous life. When your house is in a balanced state, you gain the charge of your own destiny, It gives you direction, energizes you to be more organized, and ensures your growth and success. Let’s understand the basics of Vastu Shastra with the Panchatatvas.

Air (‘Vayu’) – Air or Vayu (Oxygen) supports life on Earth. It is the fundamental element of survival. The air signifies movement and growth. For this prime element of life, Vastu Shastra sets guidelines for placement of doors, windows, ventilators, balconies, placement of gardens etc. for a better flow of air.

Earth (‘Bhumi’) – The Earth or Bhumi is the land that rests both above and below the sea. This element is a self-sustaining basis of life, holds the continents, and the landmass that life resides on. Earth holds epic characteristics like balance, stability, infinite patience and maturity. Vastu Shastra holds the element of Earth to be the most important aspect in a house. The Bhumi accounts not only the physical balance but also the balance in your behaviour, career, relationships and success. It holds a feeling of peace and harmony with the entire world, and the family and friends.

Water (‘Jala’) – Earth is almost 71% water. It contains water in the form of rain, lakes, river, the sea in the form of liquid, solid (ice) and gas (vapour, cloud). Human bodies also consist of up to 60% of water and our blood could not be generated without ‘Jala’. Water or Jala is one of the crucial elements that support life on Earth. Water is associated with clarity of thoughts, the conception of new ideas, and the creation of new vision, immunity, healing energy, and restoration of health.

Fire (‘Agni’) – Fire represents light and heat, volcanic or plutonic heat, lightning, the body temperature, energy, day and night, the seasons, and other aspects of the Solar System. Without fire energy, there would be no rotation and revolution of planets and moons around the sun. Vastu signifies Fire as a symbol of enthusiasm, passion, ardour and spirited vigour. It is often equated with money in the modern era.

Space (‘Akasha’) – Not only our solar system but the entire universe resides in Space. ‘Akasha’ provides shelter to all living and nonliving elements of the earth. Space is the primary conductor of all forms of energies, like cognitive energy – intellect and intuition; physical energy – sound or light; or social energy forms such as emotional and psychological. This element has effective forces like light, heat, gravitational force and waves, magnetic fields and others which hold everything together. Space represents spread, expansion, and communication.

Vastu Tips to beautify the home

Everybody wishes for their family to be happy and their homes to be filled with prosperity. Staying positive and praying for well-being is one thing, but what else can you do to achieve your life-goals, to attract peace and positivity in your life, to have a stable financial life? Vastu Shastra is the answer. Let’s check out quick Vastu tips to make your house an ideal abode of love, laughter, happiness, & prosperity.

  • Welcome home prosperity – A beautiful well-lit home attracts wealth and prosperity. Let the sunshine brighten and bless the house with positive energy. Scientifically, this helps to disinfect the house.
  • Wall of wealth – Never leave a wall naked. An empty wall represents loneliness and negativity. Decorate it with a wall-mounted rack or book-shelf or hang a painting.
  • Good Luck Painting – A painting of a river, flowing water or a goldfish on a wall signifies the financial stability, wealth and good luck.
  • Positive energy flow – Bring home an aquarium for a positive energy flow. The water attracts fortune and wealth. Make sure your little pets are healthy, active and are always on move. The constant movement of the fish will keep the water energized and bring in a constant flow of positive energy.
  • Sparkling fortune – Clean glasses of doors and windows attract fresh and positive energy. If you don’t want an aquarium as mentioned earlier and have space, then create a small garden and a small water-fountain with pebbles. The constantly flowing water from the fountain will do the same wonders and attract positivity and prosperity.

Vastu Tips for Home Entrance / Main Door

The main door or entrance is a very crucial thing to consider while designing your home according to Vastu. While looking at the vastu for living room, your main entrance is a key aspect. It is not a mere way of walking into the house. It is the place that welcomes all kinds of energy – positive and negative both. Heed the following tips while designing your entrance door.

Assuming that your house has four walls in four directions, let’s find out where you can build the entrance door. –

North: If your entrance door needs to be installed on the north wall, then it’s north-east side would be the best place to build it.

South: Build the door on the South-West portion.

East: Build the door North-East side but make sure it is at least one feet away from the corner.

West: North-West half of West would be the best place to install the door as per Vastu.

  • According to the Vastu, North or East direction is ideal for the entrance door.
  • The front door of your home should be made of wood to welcome positive vibes.
  • Install a two-shutter door that opens inside and in a clockwise direction.
  • Make sure it is the largest in size among all other doors of your house.
  • Ensure the door area is brightly lit. You can use sunlight or artificial light, it’s up to you.
  • The door shouldn’t make any noise while opening or closing.
  • Have a threshold at the main door, which signifies the need for permission to enter. If you don’t welcome any negativity, it can’t enter on its own.
  • Avoid keeping the shoe-rack next to your entrance. It is believed to block positive energy from entering the house.
  • Build the main door above ground level and if required build an odd number of steps.
  • The main door should not be below ground level at any cost.
  • If you have an exit gate then it must be smaller than the main door.

Vastu Tips for Living room

The living room of a house is very important. As soon as you enter a house, that’s the first room you step in, the living room, which is spacious enough and decorated purposefully aimed at relaxation, entertainment and recreation activities of family members, or serving guests. Decorating the living room is not just about placing furniture or curtains; it’s about spending quality time or a warm reception and greetings for guests (Atithi). Read further to find out Vastu tips for living room decoration to create a comfortable yet elegant ambience.


Living Room dictates your destiny. When looking at the living room vastu direction, it is important to ensure plenty of fresh airflow in this room according to Vastu practices. It brings wealth and prosperity. Make sure that your living room gets ample sunlight and fresh air. Let’s find out how directions influence the location of the living room.

North West Location: The north-west direction belongs to the element of air, which makes it an ideal location for a living room.

North East Location: Having the living room in this quadrant makes it a storehouse of positive energy. It brings mental peace and serenity.

Northern Location: A living room is more beneficial in the North direction. A door in the Northside of a living room is very auspicious and brings wealth, health and overall progress for the entire family.

South West Location: Having the living room in this corner of the house attracts more guests. This quadrant might feel quite at home, which might make the guests feel more like pests.

Furniture Arrangement according to Vastu for Living Room

Decorating the places with a homely touch makes all the difference. You might add as many decor items as you like but you need to place the furniture in the right direction as per Vastu Shastra tips. Place heavy furniture such as a sofa set in the west or south-west direction. Install the Television set in the south-east part of the living room. If your living room also consists of the dining space, make sure to situate it in the east or south-east part of the room. It is also a good idea to place it close to the kitchen.

Vastu colours for your living room

The living room gives insights about your style and the right colour scheme is a very crucial part of it. According to Vastu, there are specific colours for each room which traps the positive energy. Lighter shades like white, cream, beige, floral white or light pink are the best suitable colours for a living room. Each of these colours signifies different positive vibes such as purity, warmth, calmness, perfection, beauty.

The dining space might use colours like peach, saffron, yellow, and light orange. Balance the primary hue of the walls with contrasting furnishings and drapes and cushions of bold shades like streaks of gold, turquoise, bright pink etc

Vastu tips for Bedrooms: Bring Peace & Serenity

Bedroom is the place where you rest after a day full of hectic schedule. This is a place where you re-energize yourself the next day. Having trouble in this zone of your house might make things ugly between you and your family. Let’s figure out what Vastu Shastra suggests about tweaking your bedroom to enhance a better life. Here are the vastu tips for bedroom you have to incorporate for a blissful bedroom ambiance.

Direction of bedroom

The bedroom at the south-west corner of the house brings on prosperity and good health. Avoid having a bedroom in the north-east or south-east zone of the house as it might result in difference of opinions and quarrel among the couples. Having a bedroom in the north-east may cause health issues. Although as per vastu children’s bedrooms can be built in the east or north-west zone of the house.

Mirror placement in the bedroom

When it comes to vastu tips for mirrors in bedroom, it’s best that mirrors are avoided in bedrooms for good health and peaceful sleep. Especially a mirror in front of your bed should be avoided as Vastu suggests the reflection of one’s sleeping body in a mirror is inauspicious.

Vastu Do’s and Don’ts for bedroom

The bed is the most safe and comforting zone for your mind. To attain peace and calmness, it must be located in the south-west direction and shouldn’t be touching the south and west walls. Adorn walls with paintings of flowers to reflect a feeling of peace and serenity. Declutter your room, especially under your bed as it weighs you down and lets your mind wander in the past. While sleeping, sleep with your head to the south, vastu suggests that blood, which contains iron, attracts more positive energy flowing from the north while at this position. The bedroom must open by ninety degrees or more to welcome all kinds of possibilities your life has to offer. Used and licked utensils in bedrooms can create fights and conflicts in between a couple or family. Do not keep them in your bedroom for long.

Vastu Color combination for bedroom

Vastu suggests that colours have a crucial impact on the energy of a space. Here are the colours that Vastu suggests are best for better health, mood, prosperity and overall well-being.

Light Red or Pink: This is the shade of love and warmth, a perfect colour for a couple’s bedroom according to vastu.

Orange: This bright colour is a symbol of hope and ambition. This colour reflecting the bright sun rays is a perfect way to start a day.

Green: Relax and unwind after a long day of work with this positive bright colour. Green also signifies knowledge which makes it a perfect choice for a children’s bedroom.

Purple: Purple is a bright colour which just brightens your bedroom. It is also said to have healing properties which makes it ideal for a good night’s sleep.

Vastu tips for Kitchen: Energy & Fulfillment

Vastu Shastra is all about balancing different kinds of energy in a house. We discussed all kinds of positive and negative energies and how to welcome or balance them, but the small corner of the house, the kitchen, which is responsible for producing the source of physical energy, cannot be ignored.

The kitchen is an integral part of any household. Food cooked in a Vastu non-compliant kitchen can bring health loss, financial loss or family disputes. Well, one might be a great book but when the food is prepared with a bad mood or anger, it affects the food in a negative way. To ensure the kitchen is wrapped up in positivity and all the panchatattva – earth, fire, sky, air and fire are in a complete balance in the kitchen, change or amend certain areas if necessary. Let’s find out what Vastu shastra has to offer about the kitchen.

  • Avoid building the kitchen directly under or above pooja/prayer room or washrooms.
  • The ideal place for a kitchen is the southeast direction of your home as Fire (Agni) prevails in the southwest direction.
  • All the gadgets which cook or represent fire like gas stoves, cylinders, microwave ovens, toasters, etc. should be placed in the south-east part of the kitchen.
  • A person while cooking must be facing the east direction.
  • Set up the wash-basin or sink in the North-East side.
  • Drinking water or water purifies should be placed in the North-East side.
  • Always have two windows in your kitchen. You can place an exhaust fan on any one.
  • Use, rose, orange, yellow or chocolate as floor or wall colors of the kitchen.
  • Place the refrigerator in the South-East, South, West or North direction of the kitchen.
  • Kitchen must never face the main entrance of the house.

How a Mirror Placement Effects Wealth & Prosperity

A mirror is not just a decorative object but it plays an important role in bringing in all kinds of energies into the home. It is said to have a significant Vastu component, thus it is important to place mirrors in appropriate positions and directions for a peaceful life.

Vastu tips for Placement of Mirrors

  • Mirrors should not face the entrance of the house, as they reflect the energy entering the house.
  • Rectangular and square mirrors are auspicious for the house; round and oval shaped mirrors should be avoided.
  • Mirrors must be placed opposite the locker of your house, as it doubles up the wealth.
  • North is the centre of Lord Kubera – God of wealth. Setting up mirrors in the north keeps the north direction energetic and positive and yields prosperity and wealth.
  • Mirrors in the bathroom must be on the north or east walls for better health.
  • Mirrors should be placed 4-5 feet above the ground in dressing rooms.
  • As south east is the fire direction, do not place the mirror in that direction as it might increase chances of tiffs and quarrels in the family.
  • Never place mirrors opposite to each other.
  • Mirrors should be avoided in bedrooms for good health and peaceful sleep.

Planning a renovation?

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