Folding Beds – Space Saving Ideas for Smaller Homes

In metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, homes are getting smaller. Like you see bedrooms, once you have a standard size bed placed inside, the room feels occupied. Master bedrooms are sometimes good in size but other room say kid’s room or guest room comparatively is smaller. There seems to be no area left to place

1 BHK Home Interior Design – Design Ideas that no one talks about

Different Designers have different approach. Here is what Designers at Contractorbhai have to say for 1BHK Interior Design, Designer -1 - When you hear 1BHK, the first thing you think is nuclear family. Now this nuclear family could be parents and 2 kids or a kid or just a couple. So the basic requirements

White Houses That Oozes Elegance

We often see home owners being flabbergasted on hearing White. Now be it white wall, white home interiors or say white laminates or furniture piece too. Infact White Home interiors or even a wall is like a blank canvas where you can create a stupendous space that will never appear old or bored. You have

How to Choose from wide range of Decorative Laminate

Firstly lets’ understand what are Laminates? Laminates are manufactured timber made from thin sheets of substrates and adhesives. Decorative laminates are paper- digital printed paper used to wall, flooring and sometimes furniture’s. You have regular laminates that re used for customary applications like furniture’s, cabinets, etc. While decorative laminates are often used for furniture’s, walls

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