We often see home owners being flabbergasted on hearing White. Now be it white wall, white home interiors or say white laminates or furniture piece too. Infact White Home interiors or even a wall is like a blank canvas where you can create a stupendous space that will never appear old or bored. You have color trends that come and go every season. But White is timeless. It can never be outdated.
Let’s find out what

Designer @ Contractorbhai have to say for White Home Interiors

Designer – White is the trend for modern homes interiors. Flooring, Walls and Furniture are the imperative elements that are responsible to make up for home interior color scheme. These are the most visible surfaces. If you have these 3 elements in white, one could experiment with colors and shades for other elements like couch, wall paining, artifacts, other furniture’s in room, etc.
Designer PITCH – To me White is a strong weapon. It can make your home appear the way you want without appearing old or outdated. White room or interior will make one notice different design elements of room like a textured wall, flooring texture, wood finish, etc. White makes everything else appear better. White truly is magical.
White is the trend adapted especially in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and other where spaces are getting smaller. White make a room and thus your house appear spacious. It hides flaws (if any) and curvatures. White hides edges. White flooring hides the joints making it appear one seamless surface. White interior trick your brains by making it appear voluminous.

Tips to White Home Interiors


Flooring – Use basic vitrified tiles or marble for white flooring.

You also have pure White Marble, the Makrana marble from Rajasthan. This is the same marble used to build TAJ Mahal and other monuments. These white marble come are a bit pricey. They come different finishes i.e. matt as well as glossy finish. To save the white surface form being stains, home owners could go for lamination process that can cost fortune. For economy budget house, home owners can have Quartz– a kind of stone that appears as good as white Marble.
Designer PITCH – Quartz is seldom used in India. Reason – (i) it is a thick surface material then regular surface materials. (ii) due to thickness, the stone turns out to be a heavy surface material. Home owners can buy White Korean instead.


As I said White Quartz is seldom used, but one of the contractor at Contractorbhai regularly White Quartz in every project of his. If nothing he creates an Indian seating with White Quartz near windows in his projects. That’s his Signature Style.

For all of its advantage White Home Interiors is something like a double edged sword.

With light and white color walls, flooring and other surfaces, one needs to take extreme care from staining. Home owner’s needs to keep these surfaces free from dust since it can easily be noticed. One needs to be alert all the while for no food chemicals to be dropped on White surface. And if any it shall be cleaned immediately.
All said and done, but nothing can match the elegance your home interiors will bring about with White Homes.