Firstly lets’ understand what are Laminates?
Laminates are manufactured timber made from thin sheets of substrates and adhesives. Decorative laminates are paper- digital printed paper used to wall, flooring and sometimes furniture’s.
You have regular laminates that re used for customary applications like furniture’s, cabinets, etc. While decorative laminates are often used for furniture’s, walls and flooring purpose. And then you have fire resistant laminates used specially in kitchens, commercial and industrial purpose.
Since decorative laminates are digital printed you have wide range of designs and colors to choose from. Not only that you can choose from different range of surface finish too. You have decorative laminates that appear and feel like veneers but aren’t veneers. Similarly you have metal feel laminates, laminates that appear like fabric, stone, etc. You name it and you have it. You can have laminates made as per your choice of design, feel and appearance.



What are Decorative laminates used for?

Decorative laminates add elegance and style to any given piece of wood. It adds value to room with its design and texture. Decorative laminates are regularly used to make furniture’s, cabinets, doors, panels, sometime for room dividers and flooring.

What company or brand Laminates are best to home Interior Use?

Primarily there were only 2-3 branded companies manufacturing laminates. But today you have thousands of companies with hundreds of designs manufacturing laminates every year. This may not know to all that with such large scale of designing and manufacturing, what happens is that most designs get discontinued after a period of time.

Contractorbhai-Types of Laminate-used-for Furniture

While getting a furniture made What points shall be taken care of while buying laminates?

Designer – When you buying laminates for furniture, you would always buy two types of laminates. One is the inner laminate and second is the outer laminate. Inner laminate is often white (or colored laminate as per home owners choice) used to cover inner side of the furniture that is not visible to eyes. This is usually for Kitchen doors, cabinets and storage furniture. These are low cost laminates available for Rs. 250/- to Rs.450/- per sheet.
While outer laminate is the decorative laminate used to cover the visible surface of the furniture. There are variety of decorative laminates used on basis of its thickness, Usage, surface finish and sometime its properties. You can choose from solid colored laminates to Floral designs, Gloss finish, Matt finish, Wooden Finish, Metallic Finish to Leather finish Laminate’s.

What is the price Range of Decorative Laminates?

Decorative laminates range from Rs. 800/- per sheet to Rs. 8,000/- per sheet. These sheets are often 8’x4’ (wxh) in size.


What is the Current Trend for Laminates?

Modern home owners prefer using plain and textured laminates in appropriate areas. You have laminates that appear like veneer where you can see veins of wood which is quite in trend among modern home owners. Different surface finish like fabric finish and metallic laminates too are used in combination with textured laminates.

How to buy Laminate?

To make any furniture you call a carpenter. You discuss what different furniture needs to be made and covered. He will then calculate number of sheets required to cover them.
Now as per your room design, concept and color, choose the best suitable decorative laminate.

Designer PITCH – You may get thrilled to buy most beautiful looking laminate with so many variety of designs and textures available in market. But before you actually buy it, ask yourself if you ready to see that design furniture for next 15-20 years. If yes, then go ahead.