We all wish to go to Goa, go to the Beach out there. Want to fee refreshed, bright and free and cozy too. Well why not bring those elements in your home. These few elements can bring energy and freshness to your conventional dining areas.

    1. Bring in Shades of Blues – Paint your main wall or have your accent wall painted in shade of blue to match your other room interiors. The blue color represents calmness and freshness. When you seated in such space, home owners will feel refreshed and energized after long day work too. It can make you feel cozy at the same time.
      • Wood Furniture – Have rich dark brown classy wooden furniture’s in your dining areas. Such wooden furniture elevates the room design. Bright wooden surfaces too create a cheerful ambiance in your dinning space. Choose the wooden surface that go along with entire room set-up. Have simple furniture’s. For example for dining table you have a sheet of wood placed over two wooden blocks. Avoid complex design tables and chairs. The chair design can follow table design details to create a complete set of dining table.
  • Minimalism – Minimalism and functionality is key to Beach theme. Clean Straight Line furniture with Pendant lights and neutral shade upholstery adds style to you beach like dining space.
  • Bring in Benches – Beaches are incomplete without benches. So bend some rule and add an inspirational surprise to your dinning space with multipurpose benches. Benches when coordinated with dinning furniture can bring fresh feeling to dining space. Also it increases the seating space around the table.
    In case of open living room and dining space, the table could be turn towards wall and benches can serve as additional seating when too many guests at home. For formal looking dinning space with benches, match up the clean line dark brown wood bench with dining table with upholstered high back chairs. Such a set-up creates sophisticated, classy dining experience.
  • Uplift you Dining Space – In case dinning space is shared in living room, you can still divide the room by uplifting the flooring for dinning space. This needs to civil changes. A set-up floor can be created easily with engineered wooden planks.
  • Contractorbhai-Beach-Theme-Decor-Items
  • Add Decor elements – To add to beach theme dinning space, hang beach related wall paintings or pictures on one of the wall of dining area. Bring in coconut leave or trunk made decorative display items that could be used as able center piece or on crockery table.
    Tips for designing theme based Dining Areas

    If you are planning to have hard-core theme related interior for different space, take care of following pointers,

    • Do not go overboard with theme decorations or designing.

    • Concentrate of 2-3 (not more than that) different elements relating the theme and work on interiors plan accordingly.

    • For theme based dinning space, or devotion areas, etc. its best to have them as different rooms. If not create different floor space by having different flooring type or uplifting the floor with wooden planks or the easiest is to have a frosted glass or carved wooden partition between these spaces in homes. Plan as per space availability and interior theme.

    • Avoid conflicts. For example you cannot have a tall building township wall painting/ picture next to beach wall painting. These two are completely opposite ideas. Also one cannot have a rock music painting placed next to or say in same room as peaceful interior theme. This confuses interior designing theme.