Wall highlighter are highlighters used on walls to bring in the mood and create an ambiance. Wall highlighters act as eye magnets i.e. when guests enter your apartment or room, their attention will automatically be drawn towards the highlighted wall.
The highlighted wall is going to be different from other 3 or 2 walls or the room.
Modern Home owners can highlight their interior walls with below different types of inexpensive wall highlighters like…
• Highlighter Wall Paint
• Wooden Wall highlighter
• Wall Highlighter Tiles
• Highlighter Wallpaper
• Wall Decals Highlighters
• Wall Highlighter Lights and many more.

Highlighter Wall Paint – Get your walls a special effect with textured wall paints. Texturing your wall is the easiest and great way to add personality to walls and room. If not wall texturing, home owners could simply get the wall painted in bold dark color contrasting to other wall color.


Wooden Wall Highlighters – Art wood used as wooden highlighters are polished fresh highlighters made from wood. These are available in variety of design and surfaces. They highlighters are doomed for interior use only. Wooden highlighters add to classy feeling adding personality to your homes, offices, other commercial purposes.

Wall Highlighter Tiles Wall tiles are easy and up-to-the-minute way to add style, beauty that help break the monotonous appearance of given space. Wall tiles are modishly used in rooms like Living room, dining space, bathrooms, kitchens and other areas.
Like wall tiles, wall panels add style and personality to spaces.


Highlighter WallpaperWallpapering is the most easiest & inexpensive way to decorate interior walls. There are different types, style, design and material wallpaper used that add art and design to your walls. They are sometimes used to add to room depth and dimensions.
Wall decal Highlighter Wall decals are like wall stickers or wall tattoo used to beautify room theme. Decals are available from small wall borders to simple to complex designs. Wall decals may feature words, pictures, designs or moods. You have 3D wallpapers and wall decals that add depth to rooms. These are called as wall Murals.


Wall highlighter Lights – Wall highlighters Light are indirect lights or spot lights used to highlight wall paintings or wall props. Spot lights are typically used in wall niches to enlighten the artifacts or idols placed on shelves.

Why Wall Highlighters?

Imagine your room painted in one color. It creates an open space. Obviously which we all want. But did you that just painting one wall or adding texture to it can transform this open space to complete new space that also adds character to room. Wall highlighter create a cozy, comfortable feeling to your living spaces.


Wall highlighters to Trick your room Design

Wall highlighters are sometimes used to make your rooms appear of appropriate size. Let me explain this. Say for a living room which is elongated room, the main wall or less wide wall can be painted in dark color. Dark colors make wall appear close to your eyes. This you can make the above living room appear somewhat like square. Similarly paint your side wall in dark bold color for wide passage-ways to make it appear less wide.
Home owners can use different highlighter depending on space, room theme and prerequisites to make their spaces appear well designed.

Areas for Wall Highlighter

Wall highlighters are often used on walls that are not directly visible like, sofa back wall, bed back wall, the passage or hallway wall. Some like it on walls that are visible to eyes like TV unit wall or space next to it, dining area wall, etc. Different people different choices.
You can highlight any given wall as far it is not overdone with too many elements in small space.