Ways to Dress your Walls to suit Every Style Home Interiors

Wall highlighter are highlighters used on walls to bring in the mood and create an ambiance. Wall highlighters act as eye magnets i.e. when guests enter your apartment or room, their attention will automatically be drawn towards the highlighted wall. The highlighted wall is going to be different from other 3 or 2 walls or

21. Brain Tricks in Interior Designing

This is Video 21 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Quick Tips to make your Small spaces appear Bigger -Paint your Walls & Flooring in light and bright shades. Light n bright colors reflects space. It thetefore makes small rooms appear bigger.Try using flooring and adjacent items ( the lower

10. Right Proportion in Home Interior

This is Video 10 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Proportion Matters Proportion in Interior Design purely means the balance between various design elements in a particular room. You could also define it as the rightness of arrangement of different elements  too. You can succeed having correct proportion

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