Kids Room Realistic Storage Ideas for Books & Toys

In conversation with experienced Interior Designer at If you have kids then you know how important toy storage is followed by books. Infact to keep your kids engaged and involved with not only playing but reading books too it’s very important to have book storage done very smartly and creatively. To

Kitchen Trolley Designs & Types – Product Review

There are different types of channels and trolley designs to choose from, to best suit you kitchen Style. There are channels that can take upto 30kgs and 50kgs weight. Different channels are used as per the weight that drawer probably would carry. Let us help you in detail with different types of channels -

Cost of Renovating Kitchen in Mumbai or Pune

When we talk about Kitchen Renovation in city like Mumbai Pune Bangalore or any other big city of India, the biggest expense in most cases is Cost of Kitchen Platform. Lets say you want to replace complete Kitchen Platform. There is Trolley inside that also gets replaced in such cases. Then you have to manage

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