18mm Commercial Plywood – Product Review

Commercial plywood can be used everywhere in the home except for area where there could be lot of contact with water. Specially Kitchen & bathroom area, commercial plywood should avoided. For such area, marine Ply is advisable. Commercial & marine Ply come in variety of thickness 4mm, 6mm, 12mm,18mm, 25mm

ANUPAM Kitchen Sinks

ANUPAM are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality stainless steel kitchen sinks. With years of invaluable operating experience and technical know-how, they have launched new concepts like Intellidrain and Luxury Sinks series. It also offers a line of kitchen sinks designs that personifies modern lifestyles with world-class quality standards and creative product features.

Cargo Tech – A new Dimension in baskets

CargoTech is a new range of wire baskets manufactured by Hettich. Hettich has had a strong reputation for delivering high quality and high tech products. In not less than 13 years, the company has gained an undeniable leadership position in Indian furniture fittings and hardware industry. CargoTech innovation meet international standards that are manufactured under

Getting the best of Veneers in Mumbai

What are Veneers??? Veneer are the finest expression of wood. Veneers are actually thin slices of wood (thinner than 3mm) that are typically glued to onto core panels like wood, MDF or particle board to produce flat panels such as doors, tops and panels for cabinets, wooden floors and parts of furniture. There are many

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