CargoTech is a new range of wire baskets manufactured by Hettich. Hettich has had a strong reputation for delivering high quality and high tech products. In not less than 13 years, the company has gained an undeniable leadership position in Indian furniture fittings and hardware industry.

CargoTech innovation meet international standards that are manufactured under strict quality control. Each process is formulated to produce best of quality product. The automatic plating process provides finest plating finish making Hettich the only company that offers 10 year replacement warranty against rusting. CargoTech is an innovation that provides a universal solution to the end user of wire basket.

CargoTech can be installed in ready-made carcasses. There is no need to do any adjustment for correct installation. A dense mesh of steel wires offersturdy structure making CargoTech the heaviest basket in kitchen industry.

Features of CargoTech

Various types of well-designed inlets for holding different products like Plates, Saucer, Cups, Cutlery, Bottles, etc. can be used in CargoTech. The CargoTech can easily be installed in any size carcasses.

The CargoTech, multipurpose plain baskets are available in different two depths 500mm and 550 mm with 3 different heights- 100mm, 150mm and 200mm. The basket width varies with the carcass size.

Home owners can have different inlets like Thali and Plate inlet, Cup & Saucer, Separator Inlet, Bottle Separator Inlet, etc. To join any inlet to CargoTech, an end connector is used which is very easy to remove and install. Therefore CargoTech baskets are said to be “Baskets for Intelligent kitchen”.


These CargoTech baskets are mounted or clamped on either Quadro runner or Telescopic runner. The installation process for both of them i.e. Quadro runner and Telescopic runner is more or less similar.


Hettich provides pre and after sales service and on time deliveries with value added services like design and installation support.