Synthetic surface for sports are perfect combination of consistent bounce, sure footing, and market leading durability through a comprehensive range.

Synthetic surface products are suitable for both, indoor and outdoor applications (mainly outdoor) , covering wide variety of uses.

High density and shock absorption rubber cushion mat combined with multi layered surfacing has worken out to the best surface style for Tennis and Netball applications.

Other Features

• Superior Technology
• Multipurpose
• Waterbased Technology
• Adaptable System
• Truebounce & ball response qualities
• Responsive to all style of sports
• Long lasting i.e. Durable product


For sythetic surface preparation of strong and reliable base is a must especially for hard coutrs. The mateial used for synthetic surface can be applied on either asphalt or concrete base. The court with synthetic surface can be prepared in different cushion thicknesses depending on the level of players and budget. For synthetic surface manufacturers usually provide chain link fencing, lighting and storm water system in the court as additional features.


• Increase in endurance
• Reduced injury & player fatigue
• Improved Comfort Performance enhancing for variety of sports and uses
• Free from toxic fumes
• Surfaces extremely durable &tough
• Low maintenance & easy to clean
• Life extension and protection of base

Synthetic sports flooring are Available in 10 different colors that are non glare n UV stable.


There are various manufacturers in sports surfaces dealing with synthetic sports surfaces like Sundek Sports System, Apex Sports Surfaces, Sunflex Sports Surfaces and many more.