ANUPAM are one of the leading manufacturers of high quality stainless steel kitchen sinks. With years of invaluable operating experience and technical know-how, they have launched new concepts like Intellidrain and Luxury Sinks series. It also offers a line of kitchen sinks designs that personifies modern lifestyles with world-class quality standards and creative product features.

ANUPAM Company believes in delivering premium quality and customer satisfaction. You therefore see that ANUPAM sinks are made of finest quality Stainless steel that adds to the durability and unbeatable performance.

An AISI- 304 grade steel with 18% Chrome and 8% nickel is used. It uses only 1mm thick steel for all its sink models making it less vulnerable to denting even after years of harsh usage due to utensils.

Deeper bowls, aligned walls and larger bottom offer substantial space for utensils.


Intellidrain – A smart creation that ensures cleaner, clog free and easy to maintain drain pipes. It’s a separate attachment that covers the sink when not in use. One can remove the Intellibin (a part of Intellidrain) empty the left over particles swiftly and conveniently. This feature helps prevent entry of unwanted guests like cockroaches and insects through drain pipes.

Undercoat –Undercoat absorbs the sound, protects against condensation & corrosion due to humidity under kitchen cabinet. I therefore is very important part of kitchen sinks. All ANUPAM sinks have an exclusive sprayed undercoating.

Sound Deadening Pad –Available in all ANUPAM sinks models, sound deadening pad absorbs excessive noise of utensils while using.

Additional Bowls – An additional small bowl is available on few selected models that can typically be used to wash vegetables, fruits, rice, etc. Specially designed strainer drains out water after washing. It proves to be quite beneficial especially for washing expensive crockery.

Garbage Bin– A built-in garbage bin feature is available in selected models only. This can easily be removed, cleaned and position back in its place. Since it is incorporated with sink design, a lid is provided, making a cleaner and hygienic kitchen.

Soap Dispenser – This unique and utility driven feature enables one easy access to soap whenever the need for cleaning arises. Soap Dispenser is truly a trendy addition to modern kitchens.

S.S. drain board–A detachable drain board allows easy washing of fruits and vegetables.

Wire Basket – Wire baskets are offered in selected ANUPAM sinks models only. Wire baskets allow easy and hassle free washing of fruits, vegetables, cups, plates, etc. without messing up the kitchencounter-top.

Extra Deep Bowl– The extra deep bowls makes washing larger utensils easier. One can choose from bowls up to 300mm deep that are wider and spacious.

Chopping Board –Sophisticated and smart ANUPAM chopping board helps segregate fruits and vegetables allowing home owners to cut them as per their requirement. It ensures clean and hygienic chopping experience.

Drain Pipe – ANUPAM drain pipe is designed specially to prevent clogging safeguarding easy cleaning. ANUPAM drain pipes are offered in almost all sink models.

Plast Care – All ANUPAM sinks are protected with thin plastic film over its entire body. This protects the sinks against scratches during installation. Once installation is done, the film can be peeled off.

Easy to Clean – ANUPAM steel sinks are effortless to clean and maintain. It can easily be cleaned with soft cloth and soapy water.

ANUPAM offers a wide range of design and styleof sink bowls like square, rectangular, circular, etc. depending on their choice of design. For bigger kitchens and counter tops home owners can have double bowl sinks with drain boards, L-shaped sink bowls, etc. Not only sinks, but home owners get to choose from wide range of design and style of each component relating kitchen sink at ANUPAM. These components include faucets, food waste disposer, chopping boards, drain boards, bottom grid, floor drainer, pedestals, waste coupling and much more.

ANUPAM offers lifetime warranty against any manufacturing defect in its sinks.