Latest Bathroom Design Trends

Home owners today have not only become cautious as far as interior designing is concerned. Modern home owners not only want their rooms to look stylish but also their bathrooms and toilets too. We happen to talk to two different individuals – a Contractor and Interior designer who had different approach about latest trends for

Shower Heads for Indian Bathrooms

Showerheads traditionally came in round shape only. Gradually the size increased and the shape of shower heads changed. In this modern world, I would suggest modern home owners to buy square shaped showerheads for better bathing experience. Square shaped showerheads come in bigger size i.e. a minimum of 8”x8” that offers a comfortable bathing. There

Bathroom Shower Head Pune

(Excerpts from Email exchange we had with a Home owner who was Redoing Bathroom in Pune ) Q – I am planning to renovate my home in Pune, and looking for bathroom fittings. Especially for showerhead, what is the latest style in market? A - Firstly plan/decide whether you want a single showerhead or a

Bathroom Shower Panel – Product Review

Enjoy the experience of luxurious shower by installing designed to excellence Shower panels. Shower panel is a single unit with multiple functions making your bathing experience enjoyable. Shower Panels comprises of Shampoo rack, Overhead shower, Telephone shower (hand shower), Diverter (for hot and cold water) and 6-angle adjustable body jets. Design & models Most home

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