(Excerpts from Email exchange we had with a Home owner who was Redoing Bathroom in Pune )

Q – I am planning to renovate my home in Pune, and looking for bathroom fittings. Especially for showerhead, what is the latest style in market?

A – Firstly plan/decide whether you want a single showerhead or a bath-shower combination.

Secondly decide, if you want a handheld shower or a fix showerhead. Handheld shower are usually nice for bathing children, old people, etc. However, you can still have it as an option for extra convenience at times.

For showerhead, ceiling showers that too in square shape is quite in trend these days. Celling showerheads are available with different features like full spray, massage, rain, mist, waterfall and jet spray shower to choose from.

Most home owners prefer ceiling showerhead with rainfall feature type. Here the water will flow straight as if it’s raining. These ceiling shower are fitted/fixed to the ceiling. Usually for ceiling showerhead false ceiling is required.

Q – But there’s not much ceiling height to create a false ceiling, what then?

A – In this case, concealed pipeline for showerhead shall be fitted. Like shape i.e. square, rounded, etc., you can choose from different sizes of showerhead like, 4inch, 6 inch, 8 inch, 12 inch and more.

Q – For a bigger size showerhead say 12” square shape will I not require shower booster pump to get additional water pressure for the shower to work?

A – Be it standard building or towers, usually the water flowing to bathrooms is from the higher tank of the structure i.e. the tank on the terrace of the building. It doesn’t draw water from the lower tank. So no matter how big or small the size of the showerhead, the water pressure/flow will not be hampered.