Enjoy the experience of luxurious shower by installing designed to excellence Shower panels. Shower panel is a single unit with multiple functions making your bathing experience enjoyable. Shower Panels comprises of Shampoo rack, Overhead shower, Telephone shower (hand shower), Diverter (for hot and cold water) and 6-angle adjustable body jets.

Design & models

Most home owners in India prefer having shower panels in their modern homes. There are various models of shower panels easily available in market like, glass shower panels, S.S shower panels, etc. You have shower panels with different additional features like FM Radio and digital temperature display.


There are various brands like Aquant, Jazz, Kritzle and many more easily available in market. They provide you 2 years warranty along with free services.

To pamper your senses and enjoy you’re bathing experience, install a booster pump that provide 5 times more water pressure to your shower panels. 1/2 HP booster pump is a must have thing if you getting shower panels installed. 1/2 HP pressure pump is and automatic pressure pump that works on electricity. The inbuilt controller offers constant pressure and the pump starts automatically when water is being used and runs continuously until water in not required.

What helps a Home-owner decide if he shall opt for shower panel or direct wall fittings or the usual diverters?

Actually buying either of them is totally home-owner’s choice. If you want modern looking bathroom with features like FM radio, body massage jets, etc. then you may opt for Shower panels. Otherwise you can choose from modern design wall diverters where overhead shower, faucets, spout ( a bucket filler fitting) are fitted to the wall.