Showerheads traditionally came in round shape only. Gradually the size increased and the shape of shower heads changed. In this modern world, I would suggest modern home owners to buy square shaped showerheads for better bathing experience.

Square shaped showerheads come in bigger size i.e. a minimum of 8”x8” that offers a comfortable bathing. There are different sizes like 10”x10”, 15”x15” square showerhead in ultrathin thickness of 2mm available to style your modern bathrooms.

Types of Shower Head

Showerheads are available in two types – Wall Showerhead and Ceiling Showerhead. Ceiling showerheads are usually concealed shower heads. Ceiling showerheads come with different features like the basic single function showerhead to rainheads shower to multi- fittingtional showerhead to adjustable showerhead. The cost of ceiling showerhead varies with the fitting type home owner buys.

How to choose Showerhead?

Single Function Showerheads are for home owners who love a straightforward water spray.

Multi-functional showerheads are for home owners wanting a revitalizing wake-up shower or a shower massage after days’ work. Multi-functional showerheads often come with water saving options. Multi-functional showerhead usually have 3 distinct sprays that includes a grand wide spray, a medium coverage spray and a focused spray to ease body pains.

Rain-head showers have an enhanced nozzle spray arrangements that offer full coverage with heavy water drops, wholly drenching shower experience.

I would suggest home owners to prefer buying a standard single function fitting ceiling showerhead rather than a multi-functional one. This is because multi-purpose fitting showerhead doesn’t prove to be of use over a period of time.


To pamper your senses and enjoy you’re bathing experience, I would suggest home owners to install a booster pump that provide 5 times more water pressure to your ceiling showerhead. ½ HP pressure pump is and automatic pressure pump that works on electricity. The inbuilt controller offers constant pressure and the pump starts automatically when water is being used and runs continuously until water in not required.