Why Final Finishing is Lengthier process in Home Renovation

For a Home Renovation, if you notice final finishing or giving touch ups work slows down as compared to other renovation work. Here finishing is with regards to everything that falls under renovation be it tiling, painting, flooring, plastering, electrical or carpentry work. By finishing work we also mean cleaning the mess too. Before we

Economical solution to Bathroom Repair

In our previous article, we saw how much will a home owner spend on bathroom repair work. In this article we will see how home owner can get his/her bathroom repair work done in an economic way. We will discuss where and how can a home owners save, especially for those with constrained budget. Save

Causes for Plaster Impairment & Water Leakage

Dampness in exterior wall is mainly due to rains. Too much of dampness on wall will damage the plaster of that wall. And only an experienced or knowledgeable plumber can make out the amount of damage caused to the plaster due to dampness. Indeed dampness on wall means damage is already caused to plaster. Dampness

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