Safety Window Grills for Heavy Rainfall Areas

Metals have a tendency to have chemical reactions with air and water when exposed to harsh environmental conditions, causing them to rust or corrode. Like, if iron is exposed to harsh atmosphere for an extended period. Also the iron and few other metals will start rusting due to oxygen interaction with water on the iron's

Common Reason for External Wall Crack in Mumbai buildings

When you see a crack in external wall, any home owner usually tends to think that the material used for constructing the building was of poor quality. This need not necessarily be the reason for crack development in external walls. In our previous article we have seen that crack in external wall due to accumulation

Causes for Plaster Impairment & Water Leakage

Dampness in exterior wall is mainly due to rains. Too much of dampness on wall will damage the plaster of that wall. And only an experienced or knowledgeable plumber can make out the amount of damage caused to the plaster due to dampness. Indeed dampness on wall means damage is already caused to plaster. Dampness

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