Wood Paneling- A Highlighter

Paneling is a millwork (wood work manufactured at mills) wall covering constructed from rigid or semi-rigid components. Paneling,traditionally are interlocking wood, but could be plastic or other materials too. Wood paneling is used to highlight areas or spaces in modern homes. Wood will make your space look rich and therefore is preferred by many home

Benefits of False Ceiling

False Ceiling basically are secondary ceiling hung under the main ceiling. Initially False Ceiling were installed only in commercial structures like offices, shopping centers, etc. False ceiling were mainly used to conceal or hide internal wirings, accommodate centralized AC systems and other electrical fittings too. But today False Ceiling have made their way in apartments

Factors that can Delay Renovation work

Planning a Home Renovation truly takes loads of efforts and thoroughness for both home owner as well as hired professional. During renovation work homeowners need to be careful and persistent for the project to be completed on time and in given budget. In most cases home renovation work has been delayed by 4-5 days or

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