Paneling is a millwork (wood work manufactured at mills) wall covering constructed from rigid or semi-rigid components. Paneling,traditionally are interlocking wood, but could be plastic or other materials too. Wood paneling is used to highlight areas or spaces in modern homes. Wood will make your space look rich and therefore is preferred by many home owners and interior designer today.

Why Wooden Paneling???

Wooden panels can be added to a room’s interior space in different ways. Wooden panels or wooden walls can add mystical simplicity to space where used. Wood paneling add allure to those bright white walls in your room. The wooden panels can be arranged in various ways to add design element and drama to a given room.

Areas for Wood Paneling

Wood paneling is often done outside main door especially where bigger space is available like bungalows or enough entrance space to decorate it. For interiors, wood paneling can be done for walls behind TV unit, pillars or columns, beams, back wall of bed, etc. It is sometimes used to separate two different areas of the same room.

Purpose of Paneling

Paneling done on wall behind TV to give depth to the unit. Paneling done behind the bed wall too is done to add depth to that wall, this makes the room look bigger too.For AC’s too- there is copper pipe-that compulsorily is fitted 1 feet below the ceiling. This forms a beam in the wall. For AC copper pipe, drill cannot be made and therefore paneling is done.

Entrance door is usually 3 feet, but if one wants to show it as 5 feet, then paneling can be done. This is done to create a wooden elevation at entrance.

Wood Paneling can be done in several ways like having planks of wood used horizontally or vertically to the wall. This often makes the space look more casual but adds warmth to simple space. Use of wood or planks in diversified way can add interest to a plain old dry wall.


The starting range for wooden panels is Rs.1,200 per square feet. The cost then varies with design, size and space on site.

Once home owners have got wooden paneling done, they need not worry or have to redo it for next 10 years atleast.