Stone cladding is often a thin layer of real or replicated stone applied to architectural structure made of material other than stone. It is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings, especially commercial buildings as part of their original architectural design.

Stone Cladding is an internal process.Stone cladding often refers to lightweight virtual stone products with a concrete-type base. These stone cladding products are often fitted to lightweight substrates on exterior part of the building, to reduce the material cost of construction. Stone cladding is often affixed to wall using a mortar mix.

Stone cladding for Interiors

Stone was used for exterior purpose only. But today Stone cladding is used for interior purpose as highlighters. Stone cladding is often done at entrance too. Stone cladding is ideal for creating a stunning feature wall for modern homes.

Area of work for Home Interiors

Usually stone cladding shall be done for larger areas. It is something we wouldn’t suggest for home interiors. But if a home owns insists of have it, Stone Cladding can be done for TV wall in Living room that is in L-shape.

Stone Cladding can be done in bathrooms too. But again the bathroom needs to be big enough say 10×10 feet in size for stone cladding to be done. An apartment bathroom s are usually 5’x7’ in size. Therefore it is not advisable to be done in apartment bathrooms. To sum it up I would say, only bungalow bathrooms can have stone cladding done.Stone cladding looks beautiful if done for larger areas. It will not stand out that well for done in smaller spaces. Therefore we repeatedly have said that Stone cladding shall be done for larger space or area. In bathroom, one can have Stone cladding done for space above wash basin and WC area or wall.

Materials Used for Stone cladding

Different types of material like wood, veneer, tiles, aluminum, Stainless Steel, Mild Steel, etc. can be used. No matter what type of material is used, form the front what you see is stone only. The back side is not visible and therefore what material is used for a particular project cannot be said by merely looking at the front or visible side of the structure.

A tip

Home owners can have Indirect LED light placed behind the stone cladding area to add value to it. But here the contractor needs to provide enough space for home owners to change the light bulb or light fitting in case of damage or any such issues.