Basic know how on Topical Sealer – Stone Care

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Topical Sealer - Stone Care Topical sealers adhere to the surface of the Marble or stone as like how the paint adheres to the wall. Topical sealers are good for stain resistance and provide decorative manifestation. Topical Sealers provide the utmost resistances to stains. Topical sealers are usually made from polyurethane, acrylics or natural wax.

A Rough guide to Stone Sealers

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What are Stone Sealers? Sealers, In simple tern are stain-proofing chemicals. Usually a stone or Marble undergoes 3 basic process or application i.e. application of Sealer, Enhancer and Finally Restoration. Sealer as I said is done mainly for stain proofing, Enhancer are done to bring the the shine and luster of the stone. Any finally

More on Stone Sealer

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What is a Stone Sealer? Stone sealer is a chemical used on natural stone to impede staining and corrosion. Why use a Sealer? Natural stone like Marble, Italian Marble, granite, etc. used in kitchens, floors, walls, swimming pools, building foyers, lobby, façade, etc. is used in residential as well as commercial areas. The porosity of

Stone care Products – Eco-friendly

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Stone care product include 3 basic procedures i.e. Sealer Application, Liquid based Enhancers and Stain Removers (Restoration) and finally EPOXY application. Today the stone care products are manufactured to be environmentally friendly products. The sealers and other chemicals are all solvent based that penetrate though marble by 3mm-4mm. You do receive a distinct smell (after

Stone Cladding- Highlighter for Interiors

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Stone cladding is often a thin layer of real or replicated stone applied to architectural structure made of material other than stone. It is sometimes applied to concrete and steel buildings, especially commercial buildings as part of their original architectural design. Stone Cladding is an internal process.Stone cladding often refers to lightweight virtual stone products