Stone care Products – Eco-friendly

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Stone care product include 3 basic procedures i.e. Sealer Application, Liquid based Enhancers and Stain Removers (Restoration) and finally EPOXY application. Today the stone care products are manufactured to be environmentally friendly products. The sealers and other chemicals are all solvent based that penetrate though marble by 3mm-4mm. You do receive a distinct smell (after

The Secret of Rubio Monocoat That No One is Talking About

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Decorative veneer are thin slices of natural wood glued to substrate like plywood or MDF. To maintain the naturalness and richness of decorative veneer, veneer sheets are polished. Polishing is very important to protect and restore the shine of decorative veneer. There are different types of polishes that are known to Indian market. But one

Veneer Polishing with Rubio Monocoat

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Firstly let's understand what rubio monocaot is. Rubio monocoat is a hard wax oil produced in European market. It is quite a unique and popular wax oil in Europe past 65 years. Rubio monocoat protects and colors wood in single coat unlike other polishes. Rubio monocoat is the only polish with natural components with zero