Stone care product include 3 basic procedures i.e. Sealer Application, Liquid based Enhancers and Stain Removers (Restoration) and finally EPOXY application.

Today the stone care products are manufactured to be environmentally friendly products. The sealers and other chemicals are all solvent based that penetrate though marble by 3mm-4mm. You do receive a distinct smell (after all its chemical) for which the laborers work with mask on. We also recommend our clients to wear the mask while on visit cause the ungenerous smell of solvent can irritate him.

What are solvents?

Solvents are chemicals that help penetrate through stone surface. These solvents have polymers that form into capillaries. Solvents are the only solution that enter the stone surface instantaneously and start its reaction due to which you get a distinct smell.

There are few companies that prefer solvents which are alcohol that are renewable and biologically responsible bio-liquid that are manufactured using sugar cane or corn. Also these products are termed as semi-permanent i.e. once treated, the sealing procedure need not be repeated or re-done for at least next 30-40 years. Treating stone with such solvents makes it easier to clean stone surface which means one may not require harsh cleaning liquids for cleaning be it for residential cleaning, commercial or industrial cleaning.

These products/ solvents are GREEN certified products which means they are environmentally responsible products.