Natural Stone like Marble, Granite, and Limestone, also artificial marbles or any engineered stone gets dull, stain, forms scratches over a period of time. Well surely few stains and scratches that can be cured at home level. But for tough stains, major cracks n dullness the flooring needs polishing. Well here we will not call it polishing but Restoration is the correct term. the stone needs Restoration.

Restoration is a process that removes major stains, repair all types of cracks in stone and mainly returns back its original shine and luster of stone. Whether your stone surface is two or twenty years old, restoration will produce exceptionally hard, durable and highly polished surface.

Our marble floor restoration polishing treatment uses diamond pads to grind down the surface of your marble, bringing out a fresh layer of stone. Then we use successively finer grade pads to bring the surface of your marble to a “mirror like” shine.

Maintenance and Restoration of Tiles and Marbles

Maintaining and restoration process for tiles is much easier than marble stone. Marbles if you see are comparatively high on maintenance and restoration too.

Tiles are smaller in size and available for cheaper rates too as compared to marble. Not only that, tiles do nor crack or stain as easily as marble. And therefore tiles would seldom be changed. Well marble too need not be changed that often, but here we talking about the comparison of two.

As I said before, since tiles are smaller in size they can easily and quickly be changed. Say a 3oo square feet area of can be covered and finished with tiling in a days’ time. Whereas with marble the same job would take a little longer.

For minor cracks in marble, it can be treated with “ MASTIC “ sealant at house level. If the same is used for bigger cracks it definitely will be unseen but can be felt. Therefore its best to get Restoration process done by professionals.

Process to Marble Restoration

For marble flooring restoration, is done with Diamond Polishing machine that cleans and polishes the stone through different plates like 800-1,000 – 1,200 and more. These plates are used as per level of restoration to be achieved. For scratches the polish powder is poured over the flooring surface.

Here the entire flooring is treated with polish powder as, if only the scratches were treated, only and only scratches would be cured that area of flooring will return to its original luster.

What is buffing?

Buffing is the true process for stone restoration that makes the surface smooth fabricating a high luster and mirror like finish. Buffing is done with buffing machine and buffing chemicals.

Process to buffing

The microfiber buffing machine has minute pores that cleans the smallest , invisible dust.

The flooring is then treated with polish powder that is spread over the entire flooring through machine from 1 end to the other.

While buffing its very essential to maintain the pH level of the stone. If the chemical is too acidic, the marble would get etched and if the chemical is too alkaline, the shine or luster will not be achieved.

Time Taken for buffing

Buffing a 500 square feet area can be doen in a days time, but polishing the same area will take 3-4 days.


Polishing marble will cost around Rs.35-Rs.40 per square feet. Italian marbles are usually polished with two different types of machines i..e the traditional one and then the diamond polishing machine.

The cost of polishing will increase for shinier more luster marble surface. The cost increases to Rs. 90 – Rs.100 per square feet.

Wall polishing

Wall polishing is different to floor polishing. The machines used, process,manpower, everything varies. The machine used for wall polishing is way smaller to that of floor polishing machines but it requires more manpower.

Wall polishing will cost somewhere around Rs.45 – Rs.60 per square feet.